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Bulletin Board Systems
Arcade BBS, CCl4 - Solvent Abuse, The Plasma Sphere BBS
Australia, Finland, Germany, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, United Kingdom
4Mation Educational Resources, 7th software, Abacus Training, Aleph One, Angelsoft, ARMWARE, Artex Software, Aspex Software, Avie Home Page, BASS Software
Advice, API, Applications, Collections, StrongHelp, !Boot and Module Database, Acorn Documentation, Acorn Quiz, Acorn/RISC OS machines, ANT Support - Application notes, ARM Assembler Programming, BASIC Programming Tutorials, Blastzone's RISC OS Tutorial, Books by Martyn Fox, Ccdoc
FTP Sites
Acorn Emulation Archive, Acorn: legacy FTP Site, Argonet, Demon Archimedes ftp archive index, UK Mirror Service (HENSA) - RISC OS, University of Stuttgart Acorn Archives
Audio, Comms, Games Related, Monitors, Network Computers, PC Card, Printers, Video, A7000+ Odyssey, Acorn Computer Museum, Acorn Machine List, ChiOS, Classic Acorn - Acorn 8 and 32bit Restoration, Rep, Hardware, Iyonix PC, Kinetic RiscPC, Microdigital Alpha, Microdigital Omega
News and Media
Acorn Arcade, Acorn Cybervillage, Acorn Gaming News, Acorn News Service (ANS), BYTE Magazine Article, Drobe Launch Pad, Eureka, Foundation RISC User, GAG-News, Icon Bar
PD Libraries
Archimedes Public Domain Library
RISC OS Friendly ISPs
AAUG Online, Active High, Argonet, Freedom2, IOP Internet, NTLWorld under RISC OS, Passport2Learn, Spellings Computer Services
Annerykiln, Applied Photophysics, Arcania, Astute Graphics, Autovalves Engineering (Morgo), AVS Graphics & Media, Ben Brook Computer Graphics, Dave Cooper's Composition Backdrops, Diocese of Southwark, Downland Veterinary Group
Acorn Events, Acorn Midlands Show, RISC OS Expo (Netherlands), Wakefield Show 2002
Audio, CD Related, Collections, Comms, Compression, Databases, Demoscene, Design Tools, Disc Rescue, DTP
User Groups
Australia, Belgium, Germany, International, Ireland, Netherlands, New Zealand, Special Interests, United Kingdom, AAUG Smartgroup, AAUG: Association of Acorn User Groups, AAUG: Members' Discounts Scheme, Abacus Training, Convergence International, ROSES - RISC OS Education reSources, The RISC OS Education Mailing List
Acorn Charity Site
Fund-raising efforts.
Acorn User RC5/DES Group
Details of the cracking efforts.
Hosts the Acorn News Service, newsgroup archives, RC5/DES effort, Charity Site and an FTP server for freeware software distribution.
ANS Filebase
Comprehensive categorised database, with version information.
German portal. Offers news, articles, forum, links and web space.
Castle Technology
Owner of the RISC OS copyright, they also manufacture, distribute and develop of Acorn Computers, as well as the acclaimed new Iyonix PC.
Microdigital Ltd
Developer and manufacturer of new RISC OS computer workstations.
Automated web portal. Add news and reviews, and chat.
Categorized and cross-referenced database of shareware/freeware and software authors, with a broader database of companies and information.
RISC OS 3 Knowledge Base
Official site providing support for earlier versions of the operating system.
RISC OS Projects Initiative
Highlights new ideas for programs or projects, or those that might need assistance.
RISC OS webring
Provides free banner advertising of related websites.
RISC OS developers - the world's first 32-bit RISC operating system - used in Acorn, Microdigital and RiscStation computers. The site has content for developers, resellers and the public that are interested in using this ROM-based, low-overhead, operating system.
Portal offering news and articles. It includes a comprehensive software database.
Select Scheme
Yearly subscription to updated versions of RISC OS.
The fully-functional RISC OS emulator for Windows-powered computers.