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Magazines and E-zines
Classix magazine, CRASH, Desert Island Disks, International ZX81 Magazine, QL Hacker's Journal, Retro Classix Sinclair guide, Sinclair User, Sinclair User Magazine Online, Sir Clive's legacy, The Unofficial CRASH Magazine Web Site
MK14 - Planet Sinclair, The wild and wacky world of the Science of Cambrid
Alchemist Research, Anestis World - In Spectrum We Trust, Chicago Area Timex/Sinclair Users Group, Club QL International, The HCC Sinclair GG, Timex/Sinclair NorthAmerican User Groups, ZX-TEAM
PC 200
'Allo, 'Allo, 'Allo, Colourless Spectrum, PC200 - Planet Sinclair, The PC 200
Davide Santachiara's WEB Page, FWDcomputing on the Z88 and QL Computers, Garbo Sinclair QL Archives, Q Branch, Q40: The New Sinclair QL Successor, QDOS Internals, QDOS/SMSQE Support Page, QL - Planet Sinclair, QL FAQ and Resources Pointer, QUANTA
SAM Coup+®
Blinky's SAM Pages, Lars Sam, PodLand - The Sam Coupé Pages, Quazar, Sam Coupé Information Pages, Sam Coupé Web Ring, SimCoupé - A SAM Coupé Emulator, Simon Cooke's World Wide Web Homepage, Stewart's SAM Coupé Information Pages, The Your Sinclair Rock and Roll Years SAM pages
Dizzy Games, Earth Shaker, Ozzy's ZX-BASE 98, Pulsoid, Sabre Wulf, Spectrum Graphics Editor, The Best of Spectrum Games, The Spectrum Games Database, The Tipshop
Timex Sinclair
'Unofficial' Timex Sinclair 2068 Site, Joe's Layout, Timex - Planet Sinclair, Timex Sinclair 2068, TIMEXsinclair Showcase
A2Z, Cambridge Computer Z88, John Allen's Z88 Bits, rakewell.com, Running in the Dark, RWAP Software, The Cambridge Z88 Resources Page, The Z88 Development Kit, W.N. Richardson & Co., Z88 - Planet Sinclair
ZX Spectrum
Demoscene, 'K' Luny's Spectrum Site, 100% ZX Spectrum, Alan's Speccy Page, Andy's Speccy Page, Another Tribute to ZX Spectrum, Bitz, Blood's Crap Speccy Page, Breezer's Speccy Intro, ChucklePie Productions, Classic 8-bit Computers: ZX Spectrum +3 manual
Build Your Own ZX80, Sinclair ZX80, ZX80 - Planet Sinclair, ZX80 Hardware Page, ZX80 World
Kevin Baker's ZX81 Page, Matthew's ZX81 Homepage, Obsolete Computer Museum's ZX-81 Page, Project 81, Rodney Knaap: Build your own ZX81, Sinclair ZX-81 back from the dead, Sinclair ZX81 Benchtest, Sinclair ZX81 Collection, Sinclair ZX81 FAQ, Steven's ZX81 Computer
An organisation covering many topics, but mainly a Sinclair user group.
Australian Sinclair User Group
An open and unmoderated discussion forum for Australian based users of Sinclair and related computers.
Home Electronics Service
Service, hardware and software providers for Sinclair QL and Z88. Located in San Antonio, Texas, USA.
Planet Sinclair
Provides details of Sinclair's products from the 1960s to the present day, with a wide range of additional information about Sinclair software houses, personalities, magazines, and of course Sir Clive himself.
Retrogamer - Sinclair Silicon
Photo gallery of Sinclair and Timex Sinclair computer products. Includes the author's swaps list.
Sinclair Archaeology
Details of Enrico Tedeschi's comprehensive collection of Sinclair memorabilia, dating back more than 40 years.
Sinclair Computers
Retailers of used Sinclair computers.
Sinclair Nostalgia Products
Site provides snapshots, MIDI files, screen savers, counter digits and information about a lot of hard-to-find clones of the Sinclair machines, focusing particularly on those from Eastern Europe and Russia.
SinTech Online-Shop
Dealer in hardware and software for Sinclair Spectrum and other 8-bit computers. Also the support-line for the ZX Spectrum User Club, Germany.
The Lil Old Sinclair Computer Technical Informatio
Technical information concerning ZX Spectrum and ZX81, including instruction and service manuals, layouts and schematics.
The Sinclair MicroComputer Museum
Online gallery of Sinclair products, focusing mainly on the 1980s computers.
The Spectrum / ZX81 Technical Information Board
Web board for technical information about the ZX Spectrum and ZX81.