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e3D News
Monthly and weekly articles about virtual reality, games, and the business applications of 3D on the Web.
Electric Poetic Space: Full Sensory Immersion
Douglas Englebart's notion of the development of a synthetic superstructure to extend our biological being for intelligence augmentation.
Free Virtual Reality and interactive 3D newsletter
Free newsletter and information for the Virtual Reality and interactive 3D community with 7,000+ readers in 60 countries.
How Stuff Works: How Augmented Reality Will Work
Illustrated narrative explains how this new technology will further blur the line between what's real and what's computer-generated by enhancing what we see, hear, feel and smell.
Jerry Isdae's VR Page
Includes the home of widely cited "What Is VR?" paper and its update as "Introduction to VE Technology" as well as his VRNews Technology Review articles.
Lisboa Virtual
This is a simple interface for a VRML model of the entire city of Lisbon as it was in 1999.
Mellott's VR Page
Information on Virtual Reality, Data gloves, HMD's, and various other projects.
Includes frequently asked questions and related publications.
Scientific American: Augmented Reality: A New Way
Computer scientists are developing systems that can enhance and enrich a user's view of the world By Steven K. Feiner
Community and portal for VR urban simulations, geo simulation, GIS, and 3D visualization industry.
This site provides an overview of virtual reality, current VR applications, and several VR potential applications.
Virtual Environments
A list of resources hosted by the Center of Advanced Learning Technologies at Insead in France
Virtual Reality Resources
Provides information on all aspects of virtual reality, 3D computer graphics and real-time simulation technologies.
Virtual Terrain Project
Aims to foster the creation of tools for easily constructing any part of the real world in interactive 3D.
Virtual Worldlets Network
Working to advance all areas of the sphere, from MUD immersion and fantasy development, to CAVE research and scientific visualisation.
News, information, resources, and discussions on all topics related to virtual reality technology and its uses.