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Beat the Blackjack Dealer
Software tests strategy that calculates the best way to beat the blackjack dealer.
BJC Chart Maker
Basic strategy chart for any condition, including a special chart for online blackjack.
Blackjack 2021
Specifies the best move for any given situation based on a pure mathematical engine designed by Professor S. Haber, MIT/Tech.
Blackjack 678
Teaches basic strategy, counter basic strategy and card counting.
Blackjack Analyser
Blackjack system developer and analyser. Downloadable trial version.
Blackjack Card Counter
Provides a Java card counter to practice card counting skills.
Blackjack Gold
Shareware game that let's you create custom strategies, and pit them against the dealer. Mac OSX, PPC and Windows.
Blackjack Risk Manager 2000
Software program for card counters. Screens and features help the counter manage bankroll risk-of-ruin.
Blackjack StatWiz Software
Provides real time odds of each player's options. Free trial download available.
Casino Verite Blackjack
Practice and simulation software for professionals and novices. Included are downloads, stats, charts, unusual rules and calculators.
Gamblers Friend
Software to learn how to master basic strategy and count cards. Free trial version available.
Musideco Software
Software that offers card counting, basic strategy and statistics.
Strategy design and analysis software tools including a blackjack tutorial online.
Rpsoft 2000
Up to four people can play, choosing from several different game variations.
Sage Software
Offers blackjack simulator software.
Statistical Blackjack Analyzer
A blackjack simulator and calculator. Demo reports and software available.
Super BlackJack21
Learn basic strategy and card counting from animated, speaking characters. Includes drills, tough hand mode, strategies and systems.
The Mathematics of Blackjack
Exercises and practice environments for card counting.