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American Gaming Association
Addresses legislative and regulatory issues affecting the casino industry, such as taxation, travel and tourism.
Anthony Cabot
Gaming law specialist, editor of "Gaming Law Review" and author of "Casino Gaming: Public Policy, Economics And Regulation".
Austrian Gaming
Design, manufacture and operate advanced gaming systems for gaming jurisdictions worldwide focused on niche markets.
Cardshark Online
Advice on gaming security and how to protect yourself against card cheats.
Casino Gaming School
Professional instructors teach how to deal blackjack, craps, roulette, poker, pai gow poker and baccarat.
Casino Management Association
Education, training, information and networking opportunities for industry professionals.
Casino Surveillance News
Consulting and training services for surveillance, security and casino personnel.
Casinos Of Mayfair
Brokerage company for the sale and purchase of casinos throughout the world.
Catania Consulting
Gaming law and liason with federal, state and local levels of government. Also several articles on industry issues.
European Gaming Organisation
Trade group for European based industry manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, operators and associates.
Friedman Management Group
Provides consulting in casino design, management, marketing and operations.
Gaming Math
Mathematical services for land and Internet casinos by Michael Shackleford, "The Wizard of Odds."
J and F Casino Consulting
Specializing in troubleshooting and training of CDS/Aristocrat and Acres software products.
Loudon Consultants
Bingo, casino and cardroom design and marketing, charity and tribal gaming, horse racing, and government lobbying.
Melinda Fayard and Associates
Video gambling and compliance industry lobbyist.
MWS Playercube
Business intelligence tools and services for casinos.
Navegante Group
Management, development and recruiting firm for the gaming industry.
Raving Consulting
Offering customer focused marketing consulting for the gaming industry.
S-Five Consultants
Security software, surveillance training and needs assessments for the casino industry.
Develops and markets unique casino card games worldwide.
TGA Casino and Hotel Management
Provides a consultancy service to start-up casinos and hotels.
The Innovation Group
Provides consulting services to the gaming and lodging industry.