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Best Sweepstakes Newsletter
Sweepstakes entry instructions for contests offered by well known consumer companies.
Compers News
Monthly magazine listing competitions currently running in the UK. Includes online competition forum and free issue offer.
Lucky Day Sweeps List
Monthly newsletter for sweepstakes enthusiasts. Includes subscription information, winning tips, and standard sweepstakes rules and abbreviations.
Rags to Riches
Sweepstakes newsletter sent via postal mail. Fee based. Sent out several times per month. Site also features free sweepstakes message board
Sweeping America
Selling a weekly online or postal newsletter mainly cnntaining listings of snail mail sweepstakes. Includes sample issue and online message forum.
Offers a paid subscription sweepstakes newsletter sent via postal mail bimonthly. Subscribers also receive online access to extra sweepstakes information and discussion board.
Sweepstakes Locator
Selling a monthly newsletter listing over 30 legitimate mail in and toll free call sweepstakes each month. Includes a selection of online listings.
Sweepstakes Winner Newsletter
An enthusiast's collection of sweepstakes information by subscription. Sweepstakes, tips, forum.
Win a Contest
Weekly publication for Canadians listing contests or sweepstakes that residents of Canada are eligible to enter and win prizes.
Win With Lynne
Competition prize winning and slogan writing books. Also offers a UK competiton club, free e-guide and articles.
Winning Ways
Selling a monthly online newsletter featuring phone and mail-in sweepstakes, articles, hints, tips, and worksheets. Sample issue available. Also includes a free directory of online entry sweepstakes.