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Basic language and betting for the game, and real time message board craps game. Advanced training area also available.
All Craps
Free craps games, rules, odds, strategies, glossary of terms and gambling links.
Ask Mr. Craps
Learn how to play the game, the rules and simple strategies.
Basics of Craps
Page is set up to teach one the basics.
Casino Craps
Play the online java applet for free or read about strategies and odds.
Craps 4 You
Rules, superstitions, hints and jokes.
Craps Dice Control
Dice throwing system.
Craps Pit
Craps systems, strategies, links and a message board.
Dice Coach
Dice setting and precision shooting classes, as well as basic and advanced game information.
Website that allows one to interact when playing craps among dealers and players.
Fat Tony's Craps
Odds, rules and strategy, including good bets and bad bets.
Golden Touch Craps
Seminars and lessons teaching craps strategies, precision shooting and dice control techniques.
Heavy's Axis Power Craps Forum
Join veteran precision shooter Heavy and his friends on this craps forum.
Irishsetter's So You Want To Play Craps?
Basic and advanced strategies for craps and articles for gamblers.
Johnny Craps
Provides a primer, rules, glossary of terms, and book recommendations.
Learn To Play Craps
Markets a craps method that claims to beat the house.
Mastering Craps
Strategies and methods for novices and experienced players.
Rec.gambling.craps FAQ
Frequently asked questions from the usenet newsgroup.
Teach Me Craps
Customized information for all levels of crapshooters from beginner to expert including rules, strategies, odds and contests.
The Crapshooter
Learn how to play craps, read articles by Larry Edell and famous gambling writers and subscribe to free newsletters.
The House of Craps
Offers a tutorial, odds and strategies.