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720 Holdem
Windows software companion tool for use while playing Holdem online.
Acespade Software
Package delivers simulations of various poker games. Also blackjack and video poker. [Win]
Adaptive Poker
Offers the ability to play Texas Holdem against computer opponents that can adapt to the user's playing style.
Dogs Playing Poker
First-person, 3D card game for the PC, bringing the famous dogs to life.
Holdem Analyzer
Texas Holdem simulations and analyses. [Win]
Holdem Odds Calculator
Windows program calculates probability of different turn card and river card hands at the flop stage of Holdem.
Holdem Showdown
Specify an all-in hand situation for two or more players, and discover the chances of each player winning. [Win or Mac]
Holdem Winner
Program assists online Holdem players by calculating odds and making recommendations.
I Can See My Feet
Offers PC poker software. Computer players know how to bluff, semibluff and slowplay. Demo version available for download.
Simulation software for the Macintosh OS X, 9 and 8 and Windows XP. Unlimited games of Seven Card Stud for all users, and additional variations for paying, registered users.
Poker simulation software for Mac OS.
Online Poker Inspector
Instant odds and simulations for online holdem games.
Poker Analyzer
Analysis of texas holdem, omaha and stud hand situations.
Poker Clock
Software allows home and professional users to manage a poker game or tournament. Screenshots and free trial available for review.
Poker Countdown
Tournament timing software. Displays ante, blinds, and rings bell at end of each round. Screenshots and demo available.
Poker Tracker
Statistical program for analyzing Texas Holdem play using hand histories. Free trial version. [Win]
Statistical program analyzes an individual's Texas Holdem play at Paradise Poker using hand histories. [Win]
Web-based application for analyzing long-term poker results, including an opponent tracking diary.
Automatic odds calculator for use with many online poker sites.
Statistical database program. [Win]
Poki's Poker Academy
Training tool for Texas Holdem. News and demo version available.
Rococo Poker
Five card draw shareware game, playable alone or against three human or virtual players.
Saloon Poker
Play draw poker against a band of programmable, animated cowboys.
SourceForge.net: Pokersource
A repository for open-source software dealing with the simulation, analysis and play of poker.
Texas Hold'Em Odds Advisor
Shareware software for learning poker strategies and determining pot odds.
The Edge
Database software to track player habits playing online. Demo available.
The Pokalyzer
Provides statistical analysis of Texas Holdem situations of up to ten players. [Win]
True Odds Poker Programs
Program for computing Holdem odds.
UK Tournament Poker
Tournament simulations. Registered version has more features. [Win]
Valley Forge Services
Poker software to improve playing odds. Program offers statistical odds for various poker holdings in stud and draw poker games
Wilson Software
Simulations of a variety of poker games. [Win]