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Barren Realms Elite
GameFAQs: Barren Realms Elite, JohnDaileySoftware.com: Barren Realms Elite, Microthick's Realm, Strategies and Hints for Barren Realms Elite
Legend of the Red Dragon
GameFAQs, Gameport, Legend of the Green Dragon, Reign: Rule with Power
Solar Realms Elite
GrossWorld: The SRE Text Series, Solar Realms Elite 0.995
Trade Wars Series
Trade Wars 2002, Erik Paulson's Tradewars Project, Tradewars: History
Home of the Medieval Warfare online game.
Battle of The Arts and Primal Chaos
Support site for the door games Battle of The Arts and Primal Chaos.
CompuLink BBS Door Programs
Collection of doors, primarily games, available for download.
John Dailey Software
Developer of BBS Door games such as Barren Realms Elite, Dungeon Master, and Global Backgammon. Offers Bulletin Board System utilities, game information, and online ordering.
Planets: The Exploration of Space Fansite
Includes planet, ship, trading, item, and secrets guides, forums, and BBS list.
The Deep South BBS
BBS hosts games such as Tradewars 2002 and VGA Planets. Offers server information.