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About.com: Multi-User Dungeons
Article featuring background information and resources.
An Atlas of Cyberspaces - MUDs and Virtual Worlds
An atlas of maps and graphic representations of the geographies of the new electronic territories of the Internet, WWW and other emerging Cyberspaces.
Basic Information about MUDs and MUDding
FAQ about MUDs and MUDding.
Code begets community
Information about Daniel Pargman's Ph.D. thesis on the social and technical aspects of managing a virtual community, a study of a Swedish MUD. Sample chapters in PDF format.
DikuMUD Family Tree
Listing of MUD codebases by heirachy for Diku and all code bases.
Games/mud FAQ Index
Listing of online FAQ for MUD's.
Journal of Virtual Environments
Academic journal devoted to MUDs and their uses. Formerly known as the Journal of MUD Research.
MUDdy Waters
Detailed information about the MUDding community. Features reviews, resources and message boards.
Purveyors of fine, online games since 1985; principal products are MUD2 and the MUDDLE programming language and development system, both available for commercial licensing.
Open Site
An article with an explanation of what MUDs are, an overview of their history, and a list of variants.
Richard A. Bartle: Players Who Suit MUDs
Discusses whether MUDs are games, pass times, sports or entertainments and suggests four kinds of player: achiever, explorer, socializer or killer.
The Center for Imaginary Environments
Supports reality modeling technology and multi-user environments. Members are active in the development of mud software using the LPC and Java languages.
Vae Victus
Contains news, logs, history, and a message board.
XYZZYnews: Dungeons, Dragons, Shovels, and Telepat
A brief look at MUD design, by Miron Schmidt.