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Connect Capture
A game mixing dots and boxes with chess. Completing a box activates the enclosed chess piece, capturing other activated chess pieces.
Dots and Boxes - Dots and Hexagons
Reviews standard rules, and introduces the analogous game on a hexagonal board.
Dots-and-Boxes Analysis
Analysis program and results.
Eric Weisstein's World of Mathematics: Dots a
Entry with rules, basic strategy, and references.
Postings from rec.games.abstract about Dots and Bo
Includes a survey of the mathematical and computational literature.
Stop Gate
A variation of Dots and Boxes that can be played on a checkerboard or on paper.
Talk by Elwyn Berlekamp: Dots and Boxes, and relat
Streaming-video hour-long special seminar held at MSRI on September 13, 1999 describes the mathematics behind winning strategies.
Talk by Katherine Scott: Loony Dots and Boxes Endg
Streaming-video 30-minute talk held at MSRI during the Combinatorial Game Theory Research Workshop, July 24-28, 2000. Describes a particular type of endgame which arises frequently in practice and can be solved in polynomial time.