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Magazines and E-zines
1st Class, Flagship, Psychopath
A&D Soccer
Football game where every week each teams plays a minimum of 4 matches.
Fantasy marine based war and trading game.
Championship Football PBM from Hemsoft
Football club management simulation, contains multiple games, contact information to get started and rules.
Darkness of Silverfall
Space combat and conquest game set in a realistic 3 dimensional unlimited galaxy.
It's Not All Football
Personal homepage detailing turn by turn accounts of the various play by mail teams that the site owner manages and runs.
Mech Mayhem
A PBM of robot combat in the near future. Contains general and technical information.
Mission From God
Directory of magazines and e-zines dedicated to postal games. Also includes new player information and explanations.
Play by Mail Games Homepage
Greg Lindahl's extensive PBM and play-by-email list.
Seadogs and Darlings
Historical roleplaying game set during the reign of Queen Elizabeth where social standing is of utmost importance.
The Playbook for Everything Gameplan
Directory of Gameplan related sites, the American football play-by-mail system in the UK.
United States Championship Wrestling
A wrestling game, which allows the player to create and manage a professional wrestler.
Warhammer By Mail?
Based on the miniature wargame Warhammer. Describes the games and gives information on how to join.