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Brain Teasers
Cryptograms, Mathematical, Nonograms, Optical Illusions, Riddles, A Game A Day, A Puzzlemakers Site, Able2Know, Abnorm's Conundrums, All-Star Puzzles: Logic Problems, Alphabet Cartoon Puzzles, Analytical Puzzles, Archimedes' Laboratory, AVAV, Bill's Brain Teasers
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Self-Referential Sentences
Gallery of Mathematics / Self-referential Sentence, Self-Referential Sentences, Solve my base three numerical self-referential sen
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Puzzle Ring, Puzzle Wizards Site Ring, Tasha's Puzzle Ring
Word Search
Puzzle Creation, ABC Toon Center, All-Star Puzzles' Word Searches, Amazing Angels, Anagramania Word Search Puzzles, Bambam's puzzles!, Bible Word Search, BlackDog's Word Search Games, Blurbz, Braingle Word Search Puzzles, Clicket's Community
Adventure Puzzles
Serial adventures, continuing story and puzzles building towards a final puzzle and solution.
Holiday Puzzles
Collection of original puzzles developed over the years to celebrate the winter holidays.
Educational puzzles, brain teasers, mathematical recreations and word games. A resource for anagrams, cryptograms, alphametics, word puzzles, logic problems, doublets, tangrams, chess, and math quizzes.
Includes charades, riddles, and enigmas.
Perplexing Problems
Logic problems submitted by users in categories including mathematics, words, and mysteries.
Puzzle Choice
Crosswords, wordsearches, cryptograms, quizzes, wordplay and other interactive and printable puzzles and games.
Puzzle Monster
Original trivia, logic, visual and word puzzles.
Puzzle Space
Information about language and culture independent puzzles and logic games.
Contests of varying difficulty and types. Also has tutorials with worked examples and practice games. [Registration required]
Rainier Beer Bottlecap Puzzles
The answers to the bottlecap rebus style puzzles found on Rainier Beer and Pearl Beer caps.
Rec.puzzles Archive Locations
Directory of archive locations for North America, Europe and Asia.
Sudoku Solver
A free utility to solve and email Sudoku puzzles.
The Game
A puzzle hunt run every year at Stanford.
The Puppeteer's Cosmic Puzzle
Pictographic puzzle microcosm of old and new playing cards, poems, games and lore. New suits: the zodiac, solar system, evolution, human family, ancient elements, astronomical basis of the calendar and compass.
The Puzzle Page
Collection of puzzles, brain teasers, mind benders, logic problems, cryptograms, patterns, and enigmas.
The Substitute Teacher: Puzzles and other Diversio
Printable puzzles and other diversions to help substitute teachers involve their temporary students in mind stretching activities.
Tim's World of Puzzles
Information on World Puzzle Championships including links to sample word and logic puzzles.
Variety Games
Shareware software programs available to create custom crossword and word searches.
VNC: Volker-Noelle.com
Collection of brain teasers, logic puzzles, paradoxes and mathematical riddles.