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Magazines and E-zines
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Aardwolf Games
A database of pictures, parts inventory, and rules details of American commercial board, dice, and card games.
Chess and Poker Dot Com
Provides strategies and theories for competitive games.
Game Rule Cabinet
Collection of game rules for people who have lost their copies. Includes rules for Risk, Sting, Luck Plus, Bonkers, Monopoly, UNO, and Cribbage among others.
Resources, information, and job listings for the gaming industry.
Daily board and card game news, reviews and previews. Discuss strategies, get recommendations, or find open game groups in your area with the in the forums.
Gaming Outpost Forums
General and dedicated discussions for various types of games.
News, forums and reviews on the gaming industry, roleplaying games, miniatures, collectable cards, pogs, and LARPs.
Jennifer and Zach's Game Collection
List of games including board, card, and strategy games with ratings, descriptions, comments, and links to manufacturers.
My Game Master
Offers information on paper and pencil, casino, console, and video games. Includes tips, reviews, forums, cheat codes, links, and articles.
Start Some Fun
A selective collection of athletic and thinking games for camps, schools, and other recreational settings.
Tané, Sam and Arthur's (mostly board) Games
Contains a personal game collection with reviews and comments.