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Airbag Footbag Club
A small club created in 2003 and based in Hungary.
Canadian Footbag Alliance, Inc.
Instruction, sales, tournaments and demonstrations, club development; based in Vancouver, Canada.
Crochet Partners
Contains step by step instructions on how to crochet a standard footbag.
Dragonfly Footbags
Features trick list and player stories.
Information oriented to footbag competitors. Video downloads, trick tips, shred shop, team profiles. English and French.
Footbag Info
Including: Basic moves, courtesy rules, tricks, history of footbag, world records, net, golf, freestyle, and information on footwear, playing surfaces, and footbag design.
Footbag Peace Initiative
Daniel Botkin teaches experimential health curriculum to teens promoting group building. Site contains extensive information on the purpose of Footbag aka Hacky Sack.
Footbag Trick List
A list of trick combinations, with some links to video demos.
Footbag World Magazine
General information, news, and events.
Footbag WorldWide Information Service
Offers information, news, pictures, FAQs, events, results, and forums.
Footbag.com: World At Your Feet
Instruction, philosophy and discussion on Footbag as a dance form and Bloughchi free-style.
Footbags .com at X-Village
On-line footbag store. Featuring Hacky Sack, Phoota, leather, hemp, sand filled, and glow in the dark footbags. Includes footbag history and trick tips.
International Footbag Committee
Official rulebook, member roster, summary of by-laws, and club listings.
Mamaku and Co.
Manufacture a range of top quality leather and suede balls including 2-panel, 14-panel and 32-panel footbags, and suede or hand-painted leather multi-panel juggling balls. Also manufacture top quality boccia balls to international specifications.
The Sport of Footbag
Footbag Worldwide outlines the sport of Footbag.
World Footbag Association
A membership organization of over 40,000 footbag players world-wide; this site contains an on-line footbag catalog, on-line editions of Footbag World Magazine, and much more information for the footbag enthusiast.