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Academy of GP Orthodontics
Academy dedicated to serve the continuing education needs of general dentists in orthodontic practice.
Americal Association of Orthodontists
Official organization for board qualified and board certified orthodontists.
American Academy of Gnathologic Orthopedics
Society promoting nutritional and alternative treatment for orthodontic patients.
American Association for Functional Orthodontics
Society specializing in functional appliances (removable braces).
American Association of Orthodontists
Includes news, history, directory, education and career information, calendar, and regional society information.
American Lingual Orthodontics Association
Society specializing in lingual orthodontists (braces behind teeth).
American Orthodontic Society
Society promoting orthodontics by general and pediatric dentists.
Association of Orthodontists - Singapore
Information about orthodontics and dentistry in Singapore and Malaysia.
Australian Society of Orthodontists
Contains contact and meeting information, general orthodontic information and how to find an orthodontist.
British Orthodontic Society
Information about orthodontics in the UK.
California Association of Orthodontists
Forum for members, discussions of current issues, links.
Canadian Association of Orthodontists
Information on braces, teeth, bite, and the Canadian Association of Orthodontists.
Charles H. Tweed International Foundation
Promotes excellence in orthodontic treatment. Services include a course and workshop, loan program and assistance in publishing papers.
College of Diplomates of the American Board of Ort
A society dedicated to the improvement of orthodontics in education, ethics, responsibility, and competence in practice.
Egyptian Orthodontic Society
Meeting information, educational resources in Egypt, and online journal.
European Society or Lingual Orthodontists
Lingual Orthodontics - Aesthetic performance. Information and forms concerning the 5th ESLO World Congress in Berlin, June 20th-22nd 2002.
Foundation for Orthodontic Research
Membership list, annual meeting information.
International Association for Orthodontics
An association of general dentists, pediatric dentists and other dentists that provide orthodontic care to patients. Most members are not board certified in orthodontics.
International Association of Facial Growth Guidanc
Society devoted to BioBloc therapy.
New Zealand Association of Orthodontists
Society for board certified orthodontists in New Zealand.
North Eastern Society of Orthodontists
NESO of USA orthodonists members. Information on the latest meetings and newsletter.
Ontario Association of Orthodontists
Membership lists, before and after pictures, answers to patient's questions.
Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists
Meeting information, forum for member dentists, links to resources for orthodontic assistants and prospective orthodontists. The society covers the western part of the United States.
Southern Association of Orthodontists
News, meeting information, leadership contacts and links to resources for orthodontists and staff. The society covers the southern part of the United States.
The European Orthodontic Society
Membership information, an index of the orthodontic literature (pdf).
The Orthodontic National Group
Specialist group for Orthodontis Dental Nurses throughout the United Kingdom and Eire.
World Federation of Orthodontists
Annual meeting information, lists of meetings of other societies.