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Andropause, Canadian Andropause Society, Double Menopause, The Andropause Society
Bald R Us, Baldness and Heart Disease, Center Watch Research Trials, Hair Loss Is Reversible, Hair Multiplication and Cloning, MyHairLossAdvisor, Rogaine.com, The Bald Man's Home Page, Understanding Hair Loss
Conditions and Diseases
Epididymitis, Gynecomastia, Impotence, Penis, Premature Ejaculation, Prostate, Testes, BringHealth.Com, Genital Problems in Men, HealthLink - Conditions Men Get, Too, Hypogonadism Fact Sheet, Manorexia, Varicoceles.com, VIR Clinics, Wellman Clinic
AskMen.com: Eating Well, Nutrition and Men's Health, Nutrition Guide for Men, VitaleTherapeutics
Foreskin Restoration, Orchiectomy, Penis Enlargement
AskMen.com, Australian Men's Health Network Home Page, BBC Health, Better Homes and Gardens, ClearlyMed, CNN Men's Health News, e-Penis.net, e-Testicles.com, FHM Bionic, He@lth
BBC Health: Men's Health
Part of the BBC Health site offering information, advice and help on areas concerning men's health.
European Men's Health Forum
Run by a voluntary organization; providing news, information and international contacts concerning men's health policy across Europe. Multiligual site.
Health of Men
All about men's health. Information on smoking, diet, exercise, sexual health, relationships, mental health and who to talk to and when.
Healthy Men
Contains details about health for men, gym info and locations in the United Kingdom, contacts, disease and sexual information and updates.
Men's Health Week
Featuring information about activities surrounding National Men's Health Week.
Penis Owners Club
Information about the male genitalia and common problems.
Penis Research
Resources and information on the male organ includes links and research on anatomy, circumcision, foreskin restoration and sexual functions.
Sexual Healing: A Guide to Men's Sexual Healt
Resource covering a variety of topics on men's sexual health, including male cancers, infertility, male menopause, sexual problems, sexually transmitted diseases, and safe sex.
World Congress on Men's Health
WCMH provides information and exchange of experiences regarding men's health issues among researchers and practicing physicians, with the aim of increasing awareness of sex- and gender-specific medicine.