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Child and Adolescent
Advice for Parents, Organizations, Treatment, AtHealth.com - Teenagers and Mental Health, Caring for the Angry Child, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry On-Line, Child Mental Health, Children's Mental Health Awareness, Children's Mental Health Education Campaign, Childswork/Childsplay, Dr. Silly, DrAmy.net, Facts for Families and Other Resources
Counseling Services
Alternative, Directories, Expressive Therapies, Grief, Loss, and Bereavement, Hypnosis, Online, Psychologists, Regional, Relationships, Residential
4therapy.com, Beyond Madness, Erik's Psychology Links, Fast Health, Hardin MD: Psychiatry and Mental Health, HelpDir.com, Mental Health & Psychology Resources Online, Mental Health Information and Links, Mental Health Information Network, Mental Health InfoSource
Adjustment, Anxiety, Child and Adolescent, Directories, Dissociative, Eating, Factitious, Impulse Control, Mood, Neurodevelopmental
Grief, Loss and Bereavement
Articles and Research, Children's Grief, Personal Pages, Support Groups, 100 Phrases for Those Who Have Lost a Loved One, A Time to Grieve, Afterhours Inspirational Stories: Death and Dying, Alive Alone, At Health Newsletter, Becoming Eternal, Beliefnet.com - Grief and Loss Forum, Bereaved Families Online, Bereaved Parents of the USA, Bereavement - A Magazine of Hope and Healing
Ask Happyshrink, BoulderTherapist.com Mental Health Humor, Burnout, Doctor Leon - Psychology with Attitude, Humor as a Defense Mechanism in the Holocaust, Journal of Polymorphous Perversity, Managed Health Care Humor, MPN Medical Humor - Psych Cartoons, Off the Mark Psychology Cartoons, On Beyond Ritalin
Family Resource Center Newsletter, Mental Health News, Psyc Port, Psychology Today, tAPir News, The HeartMath Report, Your Mind Matters
Support Groups, American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatr, American Academy of Psychotherapists, American Association for Geriatric Psychiatry, American Association for Marriage and Family Thera, American Association for Therapeutic Humor, American Association of Anger Management Providers, American Association of Psychotherapists, Inc., American College of Mental Health Administration, American Counseling Association, American Mental Health Counselors Association
Policy and Advocacy
Alliances and Support, International, Patients' Rights, Policy Research Organizations, Advocacy Unlimited, Inc., Coalition for Persons Disabled by Mental Illness, Consumer Organization and Networking Technical Ass, East Suffolk Advocacy Networks, Empowerment for Healthy Minds, Freedom Center - Northampton MA, GIDreform.org - Challenging Psychiatric Gender St, Handling Your Mental Illness at Work and School, Mental Health Advocate, Mental Health Association of South Carolina
Professional Resources
Academic Programs, Chats and Forums, Continuing Education, Directories, Personal Pages, Publications, Activity Access, Advanced Psychological Resources, BehaveNet Clinical Capsules, Behavioral Health Management Services, Bluegrass Children's Performance Measurement , Carroll Consulting Services, Cathy Cole Training, Cesare Behavioral Consulting, Cinematherapy, Clinstat (Section: Psychological Trauma)
Psychological Abuse
Personal Pages, Support Groups, A Real Old-fashioned Art, A Woman's Guide to Emotional Abuse, Abuse Recovery and Marriage Counseling, Abused, Abusive Relationships at BellaOnline, Abusive Relationships FAQ, Blain Nelson's Abuse Pages, Bully OnLine, Dr Irene's Verbal Abuse Site, Emotional Blackmail
Motivation, Products and Services, Relationships, Self-Esteem, Support Groups, 32 Keys, ABCs of Personal Growth, As a Man Thinketh So Is He, Ask KRS Edstrom, Coaching Happiness Secrets, Connects, Coping Today, Coping.org, Emotion Toolkit, Empowerment Plus Inc.
At Ease
Interactive site. A journey of exploration of feelings. Problems told through the eyes of characters on the site, offering helpful information.
At Health
Covers mental health diseases and conditions. Newsletter, practitioner directory, treatment center directory, featured articles, and a bookstore.
BBC Mental Health
Aims to help people understand the range of mental health conditions, promote positive emotional health, and provide information and resources for getting help and treatment.
First Person
Provides accounts, opinion, poetry and artwork by people who have mental health conditions.
Help Center
Information on many topics including family and relationships. Quality articles and a resource for finding psychologists. Resources for dealing with everyday problems. From the American Psychological Association.
Non-commercial information and online resources on a variety of mental health and healthy aging topics.
InteliHealth - Mental Health
Diagnosis and treatment information, medical commentaries, and news on a wide range of mental health issues.
Internet Mental Health
The 52 most common mental disorders, medications, news, recovery stories, links.
Mayo Clinic: Mental Health Center
Mental illness is the second leading cause of disability and early death in developed countries. Definitions of mental health conditions, current news and treatments.
Mental Health Resources
Mental health resources from all over the Net along with regular original features from about.com.
Planet Psych
Offers information about disorders, treatments, self-help techniques, therapist directory, interactive quizzes, a bulletin board, and a chance to receive free answers from a therapist to your questions.
The Madness Group
Creates a decentralized electronic forum and distribution device. People who experience mood swings, fear, voices and visions can exchange strategies for changing existing public mental health systems, and provide each other mutual support.
The Mental Health Foundation
Information about mental health issues and the work of the Foundation. Definitions, resources, and links to mental health information sources.
Twilight Bridge
Offers an open counseling forum, newsletter, mental health videos, and links to mental health resources.
WebMD - Mental Health
Consumer health information on mental health, written and reviewed by WebMD doctors.