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Voice Recognition
Custom Speech USA
Advance for Health Information Professionals
Provides resources, jobs, HIPAA, and compliance information for professionals working in health information management, medical records, coding, compliance, and medical transcription.
American Association for Medical Transcription
Professional organization seeking to represent and advance the profession of medical transcription and its practitioners.
American Medical Transcription Association
Bringing medical practices and transcriptionists together for mutual growth and professionalism in the field of health information management. Free job posting and search.
Chat Center for Medical Transcriptionists
Live chat and complete networking center for medical transcriptionists. Message Center - word help, state boards, new MTs, student MTs; Classifieds - Work-at-home and in-house listings.
Health Professions Institute
A private research and development company specializing in the publication of medical transcription training materials, reference books, and periodicals. Authors of The SUM Program for Medical Transcription Training
KAMT - Keeping Abreast of Medical Transcription
Site by published MT, George Heymont, offers free medical transcription mailing list, articles pertinent to the MT industry, links to resources and other MT sites.
Medical Transcription, Contracts
Sample contract available and short discussion.
Information on services provided for hospitals, medical transcription service organizations, health-care facilities and physicians. Web-based applications for digital dictation, speech recognition, medical transcription, data extraction, HIS integration and transcription workflow management.
MT Daily
Multiple bulletin boards. Subscription required.
MT Desk
Informational site. Includes medical dictionary, FDA drug approvals, surgical and medical devices/equipment, word lists, resources, sample operative reports, multiple networking message boards, live chat.
MT Monthly
Information for medical transcriptionists. Offers home-based training course for MT's as well as articles on the profession.
MT World
Includes links and MT biographies. Plus a chat room and discussion forum.
Vanka's Medical Links for MTs
An extensive and comprehensive site of medical links for medical transcriptionists and medical professionals.