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Chats and Forums
America's Doctor, Ask SMG: Managed Care Discussion Forum, Carotids.com -- We Feed Your Mind, Cigarette, HealthTalk Interactive, MDLinks Forum, Message Center for Medical Students, MomMD - Discussion Forums, MTChat Board, MTDaily Word Board
Evidence Based Healthcare
Evidence Based Dentistry, Evidence Based Health Technology, Evidence Based Nursing, Evidence Based Public Health, Organizations, Resources, Directory of Clinical Information Websites, Evidence Based Health, Overview of Evidence-based Medicine: Challenges fo
AIS Health Web
Develops targeted news, data and strategic information in hospitals, managed care plans, medical companies and other health organizations.
Amedeo Group
Provides access and help to medical professionals who are publishing information online.
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) D
Links to healthcare data and statistical sources.
Differential Diagnoses in General Medicine
A resource for doctors and medical students. Contains over 400 lists of differential diagnoses in various topics in medicine.
Doctor's Guide to the Internet
Has professional and patient editions containing news, medical information and resources.
DrsReference Site
Medical reference site aimed at doctors. Australian site but of worldwide interest. Includes medical publications, medical texts, Medline and conferences.
eMedicine World Medical Library
Directory of free online medical reference textbooks for physicians, medical students, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, nurses and the public. Up-to-date, searchable, peer-reviewed medical journals and textbooks.
Evidence-Based Medicine
University of Massachusetts Medical School site providing tutorials and links to database resources.
Greater South Eastern Division of General Practice
An organization that provides services and a focal point to help General Practitioners work better. Includes programs, events, a newsletter, a library, software, services and links.
Health and Medical Care Archive
Holdings consist of empirical data collected by health care researchers, in universities as well as in public and private agencies.
Health Pages
Consumer ratings of physicians, dentists, hospitals and HMOs across the USA.
Health Resource Partners - Connecting the Healthca
An information clearinghouse for professionals and resource for employment, training, education and events.
Health Systems Performance
Offers catalogue of debates surrounding health systems performance and the World Health Report 2000, information on current WHO works, links.
Medical portal for health professional. Offers news, chat and databases.
Directory of professional healthcare sites, with a searchable directory, newsletter, forums, chatrooms, continuing education and classified ads.
UK based portal for health care professionals.
Managed Care Insider eNews
Free monthly electronic newsletter for health care providers/professionals providing insight and analysis of the managed health care industry.
Managed Care On-Line
Information resources for professionals involved with managed care.
Medical search engine with related information for healthcare professionals. Includes a patient simulator and photo rounds.
Australian community for health professionals with accredited online education, professional development, conferences, group collaborations, and useful information.
Search engine for the medical field, information for doctors, hospitals, clinics, research, and sources for equipment and supplies.
An e-health network physician web site service.
UK medical portal for healthcare professionals. Offers specialty sites, databases, journals, online textbooks, organizations and jobs.
Medical Resource Reviews Database
Contains summaries and reviews of electronic medical information resources (Florida International University).
Medical directory with forum and article submissions. A virtual medical community portal for medical students.
Current medical news, articles, and career information. Offers a daily webcast.
Information and news to medical professionals worldwide. Intended for the medical community and the medical profession.
Medical search engine and portal for medical and health information.
Large searchable database of internet health resources.
Michelle Del Guercio - Medical Photography
Goal is to chronicle the two sides of health care: the highly clinical perspective from the health care professional's point of view, and the emotional journey experienced by patients and their families and friends.
Large list of professionally oriented links.
National Academy of Sciences, Institute of Medicin
The institute provides information and advice concerning health and science policy.
National Health Observances
Offered by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a monthly list.
National Health Observation Dates
An alphabetized list of health observation and recognition dates for the health, medical and hospital industry. Dates for both public awareness of healthcare issues as well as recognition dates for healthcare professionals.
NHLBI Health Information Network
Provides email updates to health professionals on National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute's latest research on identifying, assessing, and treating cardiovascular disease, asthma, and sleep disorders.
NSW Health - Health Promotion Branch
Provides on-line access to health promotion information for practitioners, researchers, students and consumers. Includes case studies, contact lists, better practice guidelines, info on new campaigns/research and links to health promotion web sites.
Pam Pohly's Net Guide
Assists health care professionals and administrators in finding pertinent resources, both on and off the internet.
PDA Medical Solutions- Home
Providing the medical community with essential, accurate medical information for the Palm Pilot OS, PDA platform. All in a user friendly, easy access, menu driven format.
Quick Refrence for Treatment of Pesticide Poisonin
Contains treatment outlines for the most commonly used pesticides in Pakistan. A quick guide for emergency treatment for cases of acute pesticides poisoning meant for use by qualified medical practitioners, doctors and physicians.
Steps Toward a Universal Patient Record
An online book about how to develop an automated patient medical record that could evolve into a universal patient record.
The Doctor's Lounge
Offers news, articles, software, forum, chat, humor, and Medline search. [Some areas require Internet Explorer]
The Med-Psych Network
Offers information about medicine and psychiatry, specifically related to combined medicine-psychiatry residency programs. Includes a directory of links to various medical and psychiatric sites.
Timely Topics in Medicine
Interactive medical information in a multicultural, multilanguage setting. Features include access to original articles and case reports, news and multimedia webcasts from major conferences, telesymposia and Medline.
Intended principally for healthcare professionals in primary and secondary care. Includes new drugs, prescribing support, guidelines, therapeutics, enquiries, links and a search feature.
US State Licensure and DEA Information
Includes radiology oral boards review books and licensing information.
A collection of medical links and resources for healthcare providers. Includes evidence-base medicine, managed care and continuing education resources.
An interactive database system that provides customized reports of injury-related data. Compiled by the CDC's National Center for Injury Prevention and Control.