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Accidental Teen Pregnancy
Resources for pregnant teenagers, including on-line pregnancy test and other help by email or telephone.
Good Enough to Eat? - The Diet of Pregnant Teenage
April 2003 empirical study report on the dietary habits of pregnant teenagers and the impact on fetal health.
InteliHealth - Risks For Pregnant Teens
Overview of a few pregnancy risks that are more prevalent in teens.
March of Dimes - Facts You Should Know About Teena
Statistics about teen birth rates, health considerations, and pregnancy consequences.
Mayo Clinic - Pregnancy in your teens
Brief discussion of health and social issues around teen pregnancy.
Nutrition for you, Nutrition for two
Teen guide to good health and nutrition before, during and after pregnancy.
Sexuality issues including pregnancy are explored in high tech. Shockwave needed for portions of site.
Teen Pregnancy - How is It a Feminist Issue?
Statistics and other information about the difficulties and struggles faced by adolescent women who become pregnant or give birth in western countries. Includes general information about support services available in South Australia.
Teenage Pregnancy and Healthy Lifestyle
Features an article with guidelines on helping young parents' chances of having a healthy baby.
The Nemours Foundation - Having a Healthy Pregnanc
Overview of prenatal care, changes to expect, taking care of yourself, emotional health, and planning for the future.
Reviews issues associated with teenage pregnancy.