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These three ladies offer food reviews, recipes, message board, chat and resources as well as their own personal journals.
A Brand New Me
A firm believer's weight loss success story with behind the scenes photos from the taping of FIRM Infomercial II.
A Way of Being
A Personal journey to shed over 200 pounds, includes a journal, pictures and support.
A Weight Loss Journey
A personal site about weight loss.
Absolutely FREE Weight Loss
This site gives tips and pointers on weight loss and exercise.
Amy's Weight Loss Journey
This site chronicles a woman's efforts to lose weight. Includes pictures and journals.
Angel's Quest 4 Health
This is a site detailing this woman's quest to lose 185 lbs and regain her health. Includes info, exercise, before and after photos and charts.
Angela's Weight Watchers Journey
A site documenting one woman's journey towards weight management.
AtlantaBelle Declares War On Fat
A personal weight loss journal, food diary, and support mailing list.
Before & After
A personal story of weight loss including pictures, progress charts, journals and links.
Behind The Mask Of Obesity
My journey to lose weight. Includes journals, pictures, progress reports, and links
Best Diet Tips
This site share tips, compares diets, and motivational stories.
Big No More.
A personal story of how Weight Watchers has changed this woman's life through proper diet and exercise.
Bill's So Simple Diet
Bill shares his eating and exercise routine.
Blooming Fig
A personal weight loss journal.
Brunissen - Diary of a Fat Girl
One girl's personal battle to lose 195 pounds through diet and exercise.
Information regarding low carb diets.
Canadian Chick's Health and Fun
A fun site to promote health and wellness, with a diet club, diet journal, exercises and recipes.
Cathys Weightloss Diary
Personal weight loss achievements including photos and daily updates.
Site offers journals, pictures and support boards with over 400 members.
Cici's Place
This site provides photos, links and an open forum.
Common Sense Diet
Offers tips and suggestions for dieting.
Conetess Versus Kirstie
Personal site reviewing the differences between a purchased weight loss program and self control.
Courtney's Fitness Zone
A personal journey to lose 230 lbs including progress photos, health articles and links.
Decreasing Diane
A personal journey from debilitating obesity to an active vibrant life.
Desert Mermaid
The online health/lifestyle journal of a woman who believes that what you think is as important as what you eat or how many miles you walk.
Desperate Dieter's Doomsday Diary
Diet diary and journal.
Dhia's Weight Loss Journal
An online journal tracking one woman's attempt to lose 105 lbs.
Diet Diaries
Start your own public or private weight loss journal or just browse the ones online.
Diet Diary
A personal quest to lose weight.
Diet Stories
Read and comment on inspiring weight-loss stories submitted by other users. Site encourages users to submit their own diet success story.
The ramblings of a diet and exercise freak.
Dieters Diary
A dieters struggle to regain her life by losing weight.
Dieting Sucks
Weight loss and fitness tips.
Divine Intervention
Personal weight loss journey with Weight Watchers.
Don't Weight Around
Inspirational weight loss story of a couple that has lost over 290 pounds with tips, forums, recipes, motivational quotes and photos.
Dottie's Weight Loss Zone
Offers help to the dieter on the Weight Watchers plan. Lists many restaurants and how to accurately keep up with Weight Watchers points while dining out.
Drop the Fork
A motivational blog from a woman who is maintaining an 80 plus pound weight loss.
Erin's Daily Fitness Log
Daily journal of Erin's fitness goals and accomplishments.
Experiment Fatso
A dark, intimate journey into the depths of Fatland.
Fade To Thin
Site includes a daily journal.
Fading in to Thin Air
A personal battle of Bulimia and Anorexia.
Fat 2 Thin
Personal weight loss site including execises, recipes and progress graph.
Fatty Weight Loss
Blog about a kid attempting to lose thirty pounds in two months.
Fierce In Onederland
Journaling life, weight loss, and body issues.
The online journal of a teenage girl trying to go from 60kg to 50kg.
Fluffy Bear's Weight Loss Den
Offers support, recipes, exercise, challenges and most of all, buddies.
Daily journals and logs while following Weight Watchers.
Fully Mature
A look at the humorous, but painful truth about being over weight.
Provides personal health and fitness progress as well as links to resource sites.
Getting Back To Me
Offers weight loss journals, photos and links.
Getting Rid of It
Personal story of losing weight.
One man's recovery from binge eating and morbid obesity.
JeAnne's Metamorphoses
One diva's journey to becoming the person she always wanted to be. One hundred forty pounds and over 80 inches gone forever.
Jennifers Weight Loss and Success Page
Site detailing a personal journey to lose 60 pounds, includes pictures and motivation.
Journey of a Lifetime
A personal battle with obesity, daily struggle with food and inspirations.
Journey to Less
Follow one woman's journey to lose 134 lbs.
Julie's Weightloss Story
A story of losing 80 lbs with tips and resources.
Julie's WLS Site
How Julie Hedges lost over 127 pounds including month to month photographs and a 3 year journal documenting her journey.
Kandie's Journey
One woman's journey to lose over 100 lbs.
Katie's Weight Loss Journal
A personal online journal of success and failure.
Katie's Weight Loss Journal
Follow along as Katie attempts to lose over 150 lbs includes blog, journal, photos and weight loss resources.
Kellie's Weight Loss Journey
This is Kellie's journey to lose 100 pounds. Track her progress through her journals and pictures.
Kelly's Lap-Band
A personal page that offers information on the Lap-Band. It informs on how it is done and what to expect.
Laura's Weight Loss Journey
This site includes pictures, tips and weight loss charts.
Lesley's Weightloss Journey
Low fat recipes and weightloss updates.
A woman's journey to lose 100+ pounds, before and after photos, journal, and lots of other information.
Life Is Multifaceted
Personal weight loss tips.
Like Ogres and Onions
Personal journey to weight loss.
The journey of two Canadian women towards health and weight loss. Includes weblogs, photos, calculators, articles, recipes and fitness tips.
Losergrl's Journey to Health
A chronicle of the personal struggle with obesity and the process of trying to lose weight.
Losing Gumby
A personal journey to lose 300 pounds the natural way.
Losing It...A Weight Loss Journey
A personal weight loss journey using the HMR program.
Losing Those Last Ten Pounds
The last 10 pounds are always the hardest to lose and even harder to keep off. This site was created to record one woman's weight loss efforts.
Low Carb
Featuring Tara's personal experience with low carb dieting.
Low Carb 101
Offers low carb diet information, support, recipes and guidance for weight loss.
Low Carb Community
Offers support for those following a low carb diet.
Lust For Life, Not For Food.
Online journey to lose over 100 pounds.
Marjorie Dawes
Offers tips, meal plans, support board, chat and links of UK interest.
Mattie's Page
How one person changed his lifestyle and lost weight.
Michele's Weight Loss Journey
One woman's journey to lose weight.
Michelle's Road to Thinville
One girl's personal journey to lose 85 pounds.
Micky's Weight Loss Site
Following the struggle of a teenage girl's battle with weight.
Offers calculation tools for those following the HMR weight loss.
Mission Thin Possible
A personal weight loss site.
MJ's Weight Loss Guide
A teen's log detailing his weight loss journey to lose 75 pounds.
Monkey Misha
This weight revolution to lose 110 pounds includes photos, journals and stories.
My Crazy Life
Personal weight loss site with menus and inspiration.
My Decision
A motivational and inspiration site documenting one woman's weight loss journey. Includes journals, recipes and links.
My Dreaded Diet Journal
Featuring one woman's daily diet and journals.
My Life As A Fat Girl
An inside look into the struggle of obesity.
My Weight Loss Journey
Site includes photos, journal, food lists, links and tips.
My Weight Loss Journey
Includes information on weight loss as well as links.
Weight loss success stories.
Mystia's Personal Weight Loss Journey
A 19 year old female desperately trying to get her life together and lose weight.
New Me By 2003
A woman's attempt to reach her weight goal by year 2003.
New Woman Weight Loss
A website for women to share their weight loss experiences.
Nothing Tastes As Good As Being In Control Feels
Daily trials and tribulations of one woman's journey from fat to thin.
One Fat Mom
A personal journey to lose weight with diet and exercise.
One Hundred Plus
Site features a group of people that need to lose at least one hundred pounds. Includes journals and links.
One Ton Gorilla
The journey of a man attempting to lose weight.
Raylene's Body for Life Page
Personal pages chronicalling a Body for Life transformation over 2 years.
Documenting a personal journey to lose 50 pounds by the end of 2005.
Richard Gerber
A personal story of successful weight loss.
Rock Fox
Personal weight loss journal.
Ruth's Weight Loss Journey
Read the authors poems, journals and follow her progress through the good and bad times of losing weight.
Weight loss journals, photos and links.
Sick of the Battle
One woman's weight loss journey.
Simply Irresistible
Offering menus, tips, information and inspiration for weight loss.
Slim For Him
Slim For Him is a email group for Christian Women who want to get in shape and lose weight.
Slim Spirited
A spiritual weight loss journey using exercise, healthy eating, and other standard practices.
Slob Rehab
UK guy turns 30 and realises he needs to change his lifestyle by losing weight and starting to exercise.
A personal weight loss and fitness weblog.
Soon To Be Me
Site includes pictures, progress charts and links.
Information site for Weight Watchers newbies, including food lists, recipes, encouragement, links and tools.
Subway Girl 2000
This woman shares her story on how she lost 60 pounds eating Subway Sandwiches. Site also features photos.
Suncoast Girl
A Tampa Bay dieter's daily journal and weight entries on her low carbohydrate journey. Information on diets, tips, recipes, and album with progress photos.
Chatroom, photo-gallery, recipes and advise.
Tales of the Bathroom Scale
One girl's struggle with life and weight loss.
Tam's Weight Loss Journey
Personal story of losing 120 pounds with weight loss tips and motivational sayings to inspire others.
The Continuing
Blog of a woman trying to lose weight.
The Little Web Site Of Dieting Tips
This web page offers proven and trusted tips and tricks to successful dieting.
The New Me
Weight loss journal and recipes.
The Road Goes Ever On
Site includes weight loss stats, progress photos and exercise information.
The Skinny Daily Post
Daily support articles for people working hard to lose weight and get fit, by a writer who lost 100 lbs. a year ago and works every day to keep it off.
The Trials & Tribulations of a Goddess
A personal weight loss story of a woman seeking to lose over 100 pounds to become healthy and confident.
The Way My Life Changed
Before and after pictures of Lina, a model who gained 175 pounds within 4 years, and then lost most of it.
The Weigh We Were
Success stories of people who have lost weight using various methods.
Personal blog of weight loss and fitness strategies.
Tracey's Diary
Tracey shares her own personal diet, work outs and daily logs.
Weight In Pounds
Food diaries and weight loss progress.
Weight Loss and Fitness Through Walking
This site's purpose is to give information from a personal viewpoint on the physical, psychological and spiritual benefits of walking,
Weight Loss And Nutritional Supplements
Offers advice and information on popular supplements and vitamins.
Weight Loss For Life
Gayle's brief description of several different dieting programs.
Weight Loss Health Gain Journal
An overweight guy logging his daily struggles in losing 60 lbs.
Weight Loss Journey
Personal weight loss journey with recipes.
Weight Loss Newsletter
One woman shares tips towards a healthy lifestyle.
Weightless In Seattle
A weightloss blog.
Witchy Mom's Place
Featuring weight loss journals, links and other helpful information.
X BigMan
The story of how a 368 pound man transformed himself into a Personal Fitness Trainer/Triathlete.