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Apartment Gardening
Information on balcony, patio and window gardening.
Apartment Living
A discussion forum for those living in apartments, condominiums and co-ops. Topics range from roommate problems, maintenance issues, leases to decorating.
Apartment Ratings
Ratings and reviews by tenants of apartment living experiences.
Apartment Renter's Resource
Features information on apartment hunting and living, landlords, leases and the hassles of each. Provides an online forum where you can ask questions and talk about landlord problems.
Apartment Reviews
Features reviews of apartments by tenants. Provides an apartment rating form.
Decorating for Renters
Tips on what you can and can not change in your apartment, wallpapering and window treatments.
Good for Apartment Life
Provides a list of dog breeds suited to apartment living. Each breed is linked to a detailed description.
Living In Your Apartment
Hints and tips to solving common storage, decoration, and styling problems.
MetLife Renting an Apartment
A guide to renting an apartment and understanding tenants' rights and responsibilities before signing the lease.
Rental Decorating Digest
Tips and tricks for decorating for the renter.
So You Wanna Decorate Your Apartment Cheaply?
This article explains how to evaluate the space in your apartment, decide on a style, choose a color scheme and find bargains when decorating your apartment.
Space Management Survival Guide
Studio apartment solutions for "hiding and otherwise disguising belongings that needed to be stored in a small space."
Tenant Net
Provides online resources for residential tenants with an emphasis on New York State. Information on other U.S. states, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom is available.
The LemonClub Apartment Ratings
Apartment ratings based on the actual experience of tenants in the United States. Also includes a discussion forum for consumer and tenant issues.