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Real people who can answer questions about products and services.
A network of reporters, authors, and industry experts offering reviews of new products.
Canadian Consumer Information
Consumer information guides covering a variety of topics including children, consumer products and services, environment, food, health, housing and finance.
Links to product reviews and buying guides for a variety of consumer products.
Consumer-generated product reviews, ratings, prices for brands and models.
Consumers' Checkbook
This independent, non-profit consumer authority provides articles and ratings for local services in the United States.
Database of categorized consumer product reviews from a variety of news and trade publications. For each product, it ranks and describes all reviews, provides a full story of expert analysis, and lists top rated products by category.
Provides information on consumer protection laws in thirteen countries and offers consumers a way to file complaints online.
Produced by the Canadian government's Office of Energy Efficiency, rates home appliances for cost of operation and gives tips and advice.
Consumer-generated reviews, buying tips and advice, ratings, price information, and searchable in a variety of ways from price to product type.
ePublic Eye
Monitors e-businesses for reliability, privacy and customer satisfaction. Offers a directory of registered safe shopping web sites, streaming audio consumer alerts and the Safe Shopping Radio Network.
Federal Consumer Information Center
Provides a library of consumer interest publications on a variety of topics. A service of the U.S. General Services Administration.
Federation of American Consumers and Travelers (FA
A national consumer organization offering benefits, discounts, and programs for consumers and travelers. Offers subscription based articles on cost saving health care benefits, scholarships, grants, and non-partisan political reports.
Official web portal of the US government. Contains comprehensive information on government resources, services and forms for citizens, businesses and government.
Going Shopping? Go Global: A Guide for E-Consumer
A consumer guide offering information on online shopping, especially from retailers outside the United States.
Goldfish Guides
Consumer product guide offering impartial reviews and expert guidance.
Guide to Self Storage
Consumer guide for self-storage facilities covering topics such as security, access, and insurance.
An independent, not-for-profit service providing articles and tips about products and services.
Offers a family of websites focused on providing consumer information and reviews for products and services from the banking, investment, telecommunications, insurance and travel industries in Australia.
Questions and answers about buying products and services over the Internet.
Includes alphabetical list of manufacturers with links to their sites and list of product instruction manuals offered for download.
JD Power Information Center
Using consumer satisfaction data collected, this site provides consumers information to help them in their buying decisions.
A cost-free service allowing consumers to search through thousands of continuously-updated support files for most any breakable product.
Make Life Easy
An analytical shopping tool for consumers and businesses. Users can create smart shopping lists and personal consumer reports to make skilled purchase decisions.
A consumer driven website rating service.
Master Me Meter
Life calculators and tools for career, family, and work.
Consumers research, compare, and review products and services.
Moving Company Guide
Covering choosing a moving company, insurance, checklists, and tips.
Allows consumers to rate and review services provided by e-tailers and vendors. Also offers savings through coupon codes, deals and specials.
Consumer-generated reviews on products and services available in the Australian marketplace.
Includes contributed reviews of products, people, and travel destinations.
Providing consumer driven ratings, reviews, reports and links for products.
UK hosted UK product reviews contributed unfiltered by consumers. Rankings and "best" are based on consumer reviews.
Send Me Surveys
Take part in surveys online. Reviews and lists reputable research companies that conduct surveys, focus groups and product sampling.
Compares, evaluates and ranks a variety of discount stores, low-price shops and other online merchants. Includes detailed descriptions, pros and cons, links, and rankings.
User reviews of online businesses.
Virtual Reference
Extensive database on consumer information from Duke University Libraries.
Welsh Consumer Council
Details of current projects, staff and publications, with advice, help and articles on a variety of consumer topics.
What's the Best
Buying guides with tips and advice. Also has forums where people can post their experiences and degrees of satisfaction with products they have purchased.
You-Review Network
Consumer product evaluation and review site.