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Be a Great Garden Photographer
Professional photographer offers tips on achieving better results using automatic and manual cameras. Include pages on slide film, lens and camera selection.
Beautiful Things
South African hobby photographer presents galleries of professional quality Photographs of flowering trees, flowers, bromeliads, leaves, birds, spiders, insects, and bugs, taken mainly in his garden.
Digital Flora of Texas: Vascular Plant Image Galle
Searchable database for a vast collection of photographs, intended to show botanical details.
Digital Flowers
Photos of many types of flowers taken with a digital camera.
Digital Photo Artistry
Amateur photographer presents extensive galleries focused on African violets, roses, lilies, hydrangeas and orchids, many taken at flower shows.
Flora of the Georgia-Florida Coastal Plain
Features photos of varying quality of plant species from mosses and ferns to carnivorous plants and shrubs.
Floral images
Pictures of wildflowers and garden flowers grown in West-England, Ireland and the Pyrenees, indexed by botanical and common names. Botanical and other information accompanies each photo.
Floral Radiographs: The Secret Garden
Albert Richards, University of Michigan Professor Emeritus, provides a brief history of his work in creating black-and-white radiographic images of flowers, and displays dozens of them in a gallery.
Flower Images From Japanese Field
Amateur photographer presents several pages of flower photos, for non-commercial use.
Flower pictures
Bountiful picture galleries of flowers from the tropical and temperate climates, as well as a butterfly gallery.
Flower Pictures
Galleries of many garden flowers, cacti, plants, and some garden insects too, for free use on the web.
Garden Photography
A few tips on taking high-quality garden and flower photos.
Juergen Becker Garden Photography
German photographer presents some of his work in online galleries organized by designer, and provides references to his publications in magazine articles, books, and calendars. German and English versions.
Lola's Garden
A group of flower photographs from Lola's Garden, a garden situated in the mountains west of Las Vegas
Magda's Gallery
Home gardener's pictures of tulips, violas, roses, lobelias, crocuses, in thumbnail gallery and slide-show form.
Mark Charneski's Fresh Flower Scans
A collection of high resolution flower portraits created by scanning live fresh flowers directly into the computer, resulting in vibrantly colored images against a black background.
Mark's Garden Plants
Photo galleries for plants in many genuses; special emphasis on plants in the geranium family, hellebores and snowdrops.
Philographikon: Botanical Prints
Collection of historical and decorative prints of flowers, plants and fruits from various sources. Individual prints with short descriptions and background information can be viewed online.
The Floral Network: Flower Image Library
Features floral images arranged by both common and botanical name.
The Garden Helper: Free Desktop Wallpaper
Large photo galleries covering many aspects of plants, gardening, and nature, from flowers and fall foliage to butterflies and waterfalls.
The Herbarium
A collection of botanical prints, flowers in paintings, and rose engravings from a variety of sources, chosen mainly for their beauty as art.
The Visual Garden
Durham, North Carolina, gardener presents photographs of perennials, gardens, and photographic tours of special gardens.
The Wilcox Collection
Offers collections of historical botanical prints, along with fauna equivalents.
Trevor Nicholson Christie
Specialist horticultural and garden photographer, supplying images from an extensive library. Photo galleries presented by theme.
Photos of unusual and dwarf conifers, water features and koi in a private Czech garden.
Wildflower Photography Tips & Techniques
Various photographers offer tips on capturing the best flower pictures, with suggestions for equipment, timing, and technique.