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Armadillo Online: Damage Control
Deer Control in Home Gardens, Deer in the Urban Landscape, Deer Protection for your Garden, Gardening In Deer Country, My Deer Garden, The Suburban Deer: Deterrents
Alternative Control Measures for Pests of Shade Tr, LivingWithBugs, Mosquito Trap Reviews, Neb Guide on Boxelder bugs, Selecting a Reliable Pest Control Firm for Termite, Sentricon Termite Baits, Termidor, The Bug Review, The Mosquito Kill Net, UC Management Guidelines for Boxelder Bug
Integrated Pest Management
Anderson Pest Control, Common Sense Pest Control, Integrated Pest Management, National IPM Network, Nearctica: Pesticides Alternatives
Slugs and Snails
Citrus/brown Garden Snail, IPM Resources on Mollusk Pests
Arkansas Home & Garden: Pest Control
Table of consumer insecticides with trade and brand names, active ingredients, and formulation.
Cat Repellant Techniques
Information on a range of cat repellant techniques, from home remedies to commercial products.
Cornell Extension: Outdoor Nuisance
Short articles in Q&A format on various pests and weeds.
Garlic Guard
An all natural way to a safe and pest free garden.
Growit.com: Problems Category
Knowledge base for the nursery industry provides an extensive series of factsheets on insect and nematode pests, viral and fungal diseases, and environmental problems.
Insect and Pest Information
Information about a wide range of pest insects and rodents presented by the Univar company.
Ohioline: Insects and Pests
Collection of links to fact-sheets (some html, some PDF) on a variety of pest topics, covering house and food products to lawn and garden.
Penn State University: Plant Pathology Fact Sheets
Collection of information sheets about diseases affecting herbaceous and woody ornamental plants in the Northeastern U.S.
Informational site by RISE, an association of specialty pesticide and fertilizer producers. Articles, news, FAQs and links to other resources.
Plant and Pest Diagnostic Laboratory
Purdue University lab provides identification of pests and problems associated with plants. Services extended to businesses and individuals throughout Indiana and the US.
Rabbits in the Landscape
Information from Ohio State University about habitat, diet, biology, and control of the common rabbit. Includes lists of plants arranged by extent of rabbit damage.
Soil Organic Matter, Green Manures and Cover Crops
Explains how the organic content of soil can decrease plant damage by nematodes. Discussion of methods to add organic matter, and the nematocidal activities of various cover crops.
The Bug Clinic
Company selling pest control products offers information pages on many insect and rodent pests and methods of controlling them.
The Mole Man
Professional mole trapper provides information on mole behavior, ecology, and control. Illustrated articles, FAQ, listing of several other US trappers by state.
Tree Doctor
Mostly informational site about tree health, including pages on common pests, dealing with soil compaction, and mycorrhizal and fertilizer treatments. Also contact information for professional arborists in the US.
Vole Control
Site selling a Bait Station System also provides useful information on voles, their habits, habitat, and life cycle, identification, and help locating their burrows.
West Virginia University Extension Service: Pest M
Listing of online publications, includes household pest management information for many insects.
Wildlife Damage Management
University of Nebraska organization offers information on identification and control of mammal, bird, and reptile pests, a business registry of wildlife services, and links to other university resources.