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3D Garden Composer
Kit for garden planning, design, and landscaping, includes a plant encyclopedia.
Deeproot Plant Base
User-customizable plant encyclopedia and database offered by a UK company.
English Cottage Gardening - American Style
CD-ROM plant reference and gardening guide for new and experienced gardeners, including plant information and photographs, pictorial garden tours, and gardening techniques.
Garden Catalog Profiles
A mail-order nursery guide for the personal computer. Find, view, compare, and print details about nurseries.
Garden Planner
Garden layout software allows user to arrange plants, trees, buildings and objects by dragging and dropping. Basic information, downloadable trial version, and online demo version.
GrowIt Gold
Assists with landscaping and garden design. Its features include a customizable plant database and a plant growth simulator.
Ideas Genie
Plant and garden record-keeping tool, with photo capabilities. Aimed at home gardeners, public gardens, and professionals.
Maier Design Works: Garden Manager Software
Assists in planning and managing small gardens. Features include a calendar, seed sorter, planting list, layout manager, and vegetable information.
Marco's Software: Gardener's Journal
Assists in keeping notes about gardening, weather, or thoughts using text, audio, or video.
Nature's Best
Offers CDs with flower and plant images that can be used in garden design software.
Plants for Windows
Prints catalogues, lists, and labels. Also contains a search feature.
Pleasant Lake Software: Garden Management Software
Assists the gardener with planning, planting, and maintenance of garden activities.
Planning and record-keeping tool for small-scale fruit and vegetable growers.
ProAsset Limited
Garden and grounds maintenance software helps in garden task planning.
The Compleat Botanica
Software for gardeners, nurseries, plant societies and garden clubs to organize, publish, and label.
The Garden Management System
Manages horticultural information and characteristics of plants in home gardens, with garden journal and image capabilities. The company, HMK consultants, also offers garden design and consulting services.
This Is Gardening
Series of interactive gardening CDs hosted by gardening personalities Allan Armitage and Jim Wilson, on topics ranging from container gardening to hostas.
WaterWise Gardening Software
Software for drought tolerant plants that incorporates organic gardening practices and pest control.