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Better Homes and Gardens: Soil, Water & Fertil
Includes articles on making potting mixes, proper watering techniques, nutrient needs, and mulching.
Building Fertile Soil
Guide to creating and maintaining good quality soil, emphasizing organic materials and composting, from the Center for Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems.
Building Great Soil
Article covering soil testing, cover crops, composting, mulching, and raised beds.
Gardening Information: Soil
Collection of articles from Oregon State University on various aspects of soil: use of amendments and cover crops, temperature, acidity, moisture, and testing.
Improve Your Garden Soil
Covers a wide range of garden soil topics, including soil types, pH, nutrients, testing, composting and fertilizers.
Improving Soil
Origon horticulturalist offers information on soil components, pH, testing methods, and nutrients, and means of improving it by using amendments and improving drainage and aeration.
Improving Soils For Vegetable Gardening
Ohio State University fact sheet covers soil basics: types, texture and structure, drainage and moisture, nutrients, pH, and cover crops.
Iron Chlorosis
Explains how iron deficiency affects trees and plants, and how to correct it. Ohio State University fact sheet.
Lead Contamination In The Garden
Covers causes and effects of elevated lead levels, recommends both health and soil screening procedures, and provides guidelines for gardening in areas with lead contamination.
Soil Testing is an Excellent Investment for Garden
Ohio State University fact sheet covers the benefits of testing garden soil and provides recommendations for testing frequency, collecting a sample, and submitting to a testing lab.
The Schundler Company
Collection of articles and resources about the horticultural uses of perlite and vermiculite.
The World of Soil
An introduction to soil components, acidity, fertility, and care, as well as an extensive collection of links to other soil resources.
One-page site giving suggestions on where to purchase vermiculite in the United States, along with some uses and properties of vermiculite.