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Bonsai and Suiseki
Bonsai, Suiseki, Bonsai in Asia Guide, Bonsai Information, Bonsai, Suiseki and a Cat, BONSAI-TODAY.COM, Bonsaiville
Enabled Gardeners
American Horticultural Therapy Association, City Farmer, Enabling Tools, Garden Forever, Gardening with AD/HD, Horticultural Therapy, Horticulture for All, HT Programs, Human Issues in Horticulture, Michigan Horticultural Therapy Association
Abigal Gordons Home Hydroponics, Gardenweb Hydroponics Forum, Grow Your Own Vegetables Without Soil, Hydro For Hunger, HydroJoe's Hydroponics Page, Hydroponic Gardening - Maximum Yield, Hydroponic Gardening @ Suite101.com, Hydroponics as a Hobby, Hydroponics At Home, Hydroponics Online
Intensive Planting
A Small Backyard Garden, Advantages of raised bed gardens, Build a Raised Bed, Building a square foot garden: Journey to Forever, Building Raised Beds, Canadian Gardening: The Plot Thickens, CG Online - Techniques - Square-Foot Gardening, Dave's Garden: Definition of Intensive Planti, Gardening - Square foot Method, Gardening : Square Foot Gardening
City Farmer's Urban Agriculture Notes
A non-profit society that promotes urban food production and environmental conservation.