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Celebrity Homemakers
Coelho, Susie, Cork, Alison, Lowell, Christopher, Smith, B., Stewart, Martha, Healthy Housekeeper, Kitty Bartholomew.com, The Queen of Clean, TracyPorter.com
A Virtuous Woman, Christian Hearts at Home, Christian-Homemaking.com, Lady Lydia Speaks on Homemaking, The 21st Century Christian Homemaker, The Family Homestead, The Homemaking Cottage, Titus 2 HomeKeepers, Women at Home University
Cleaning and Stains
Fabric Care, ALPCA Online: License Plate Cleaning Tips, AskMen - Getting Rid of Typical Guy Stains, BellaOnline - Cleaning, Bird Dropping Stain Removal, Blackmon Mooring, Boston Apartments - Cleaning Tips, Carpet and Rug Institute - Care and Cleaning, Carpet Stain Index, Clean Up Pages, Clean Your PC
Coupons, Publications, Refunding, 1 Frugal Friend 2 Another, A Frugal, Simple Life, A Second Use for Everything, Adventures of Coupon Girl, Ask Miss Frugal, BellaOnline - Frugal Living, Better Times Webzine, Budget 101, Budget Stretcher, CheapCooking.com
Publications and Media
Better Homes and Gardens Home Keeping, Digs Magazine.com, EthnicHome.com, Good Housekeeping, Homemakers Way Of Life Gazette, The Jewish Homemaker
20 uses
Offers ideas for using common household objects.
About.com - Housekeeping
Offers cleaning articles, how-to's, and product reviews. Includes a newsletter and message board.
All About Home by Service Master
Offers advice on topics including seasonal issues and disaster preparedness. Features a virtual tour and measurement calculators.
Barefoot Lass's Hints & Tips
Offers information on topics such as removing crayon marks from walls, finding the best hangover cure and alternative uses for cola. Includes awards and information about trigminal neuralgia.
Berkeley Parents Network - Advice About Household
Offers advice on topics such as health and safety, household organization, cleaning and laundry. Includes subscription information.
Between Friends - Household Hints
Offers advice on topics including removing shelf paper and deterring ants. Includes a newsletter.
Bob Allison's Ask Your Neighbor - Helpful Hou
Features tips shared on Bob Allison's Ask your Neighbor radio program. Includes instructions for making cleaning products.
Bottle of Rain
Offers information on topics such as decorating, repairs, cooking, organizing and gardening. Features news, projects and e-mail updates.
Brocante Home
Center of the Vintage Homemakers Circle, a support group and idea center for traditional wives who keep a perfect home.
Consumer Tips for Salt Use
Offers tips for using salt in place of modern chemicals and cleaners. Features recipes for craft and science projects.
Create a Home Recycling Center
Offers information on storing recyclable items. Includes tips on selecting storage containers.[PDF]
Creating Home Style
Offers ideas for creating a personal style for living. Features tailgating tips, recipes, decorating ideas, crafts projects and a discussion forum.
Creative Homemaking
Offers organization, decorating, crafts, frugal living and parenting hints. Includes holiday ideas, recipes and a newsletter.
Creates shopping lists sorted by store and price. Features a message board. Requires free registration.
Flood Cleanup Information
Offers advice on dealing with food, clothing, furnishings, fixtures and the house structure after a flood. Includes safety tips.
Food Fun and Facts
Offers recipes, cooking tips, household hints, cookbook collecting, crafts and herbal remedies. Features a newsletter.
Forums for the Chaotic Home
Offers discussion forums on topics such as the house, cooking, crafts and hobbies and the family. Includes information on meetings.
Good Housekeeping - My Home
Offers interactive guides for decorating, cleaning, entertaining and organizing. Features checklists.
Good Housewifery
Offers an article from a 19th-century newspaper that promises to teach readers not only how to dress well but how to keep a chimney from smoking or a child from dying.
Offers information on grocery shopping, organization, food safety, saving money and cooking. Features a newsletter.
Offers daily tips for home, garden, finances, crafts and children. Features a newsletter, pen pals and forum.
Hints and Things
Offers advice that used to be passed down from generation to generation. Features competitions and a newsletter.
Hints from Heloise
Offers tips for the home, garden and travel. Requires free registration.
Home 'n' Stuff
Offers recipes as well as information about cooking, gardening, organizing, hobbies and health issues. Includes steps to take if you wallet is stolen.
Home and Garden Guide
Offers information on topics such as gardening, pest control and appliances.
Home Made Simple
Offers ideas to simplify, organize, beautify and inspire life. Features promotions, free offers, a newsletter and article archives.
Homebasics Canada
Includes articles on gardening, recipes, health, beauty, nutrition, decorating, cooking, and parenting.
Homemakers Way of Life
Offers low-carbohydrate recipes, articles on traditions, entertaining ideas and decorating tips. Features a newsletter, archive and discussion forum.
Homemaking School for Children
Discusses how to teach children lessons in house cleaning and responsibility. By Monica Resinger.
Offers message boards on a variety of home repair, maintenance, building, decorating and lifestyle subjects. Features FAQ and forum use tutorial.
House Cleaning Tips and Organized Living
Offers advice on cleaning and organizing. Includes information for organized parents.
Household Express
Offers a directory of household tips, ideas for gardening and home improvement, holiday crafts and decorations and cooking.
Household Hints
Offers advice on topics such as household cleaners and uses for Alka-Seltzer. Includes first aid information.
Household Hints by Myra L. Fitch
Offers advice on topics such as getting whites white and removing hard water marks on polished marble. Includes reactions from readers.
Household Waste Management
Offers a program that teaches how to safely and efficiently manage waste, and particularly hazardous waste, in the home. Produced by the US Environmental Protection Agency.
It's Not My Job: Dividing Household Tasks
Offers suggestions for dividing household chores among family members. Includes references.
Joey Green's WackyUses.com
Offers little-known uses for well-known products. Includes histories and facts behind the products.
John's House
Offers advice on topics such as food storage, removing pet hair from clothing and preventing dust build-up on television screens. Includes author's profile.
Kristen's Guide
Offers information on topics such as organizing, money, travel and cleaning. Features a newsletter.
Morton Salt - Household Hints
Offers tips on using salt in areas such as the bathroom and the lingerie drawer. Includes salt FAQ.
Mrs. Clean Jeans
Offers advice on issues related to the household, garden, family and travel. Features a newsletter.
My House and Garden
Offers tips for the home and garden. Features news and articles.
My Junk, Your Treasure
Article discusses ideas to help make a yard sale successful. By Gary Foreman.
Old Fashioned Living
Presents old-fashioned traditions for the modern family. Features a newsletter and discussion forum.
Opossum Sally's Goldenmean
Address issues such as buying bread, Christmas trees, dishwasher efficiency and making soap. Includes earth-safe tips.
Organized Home
Offers articles on uncluttering the house, cutting mealtime chaos, streamlining storage and finding more time. Includes a newsletter.
Pioneer Thinking Lifestyles
Offers food, gardening, crafts and financial advice. Includes discussion boards and a newsletter.
Preservation, Care and Display of Glass
Offers instruction in caring for glass that will help insure its continued use and existence as a family keepsake. Includes cleaning advice.
Reader's Digest Home Channel
Offers articles about cooking, do-it-yourself and gardening. Includes daily tips, a discussion forum and polls.
Robbie's Kitchen - Household Tips & Trick
Offers tips for cleaning, cooking, laundry, and home remedies. Features a message board.
Offers articles about cleaning, crafting, gardening, decorating, sewing and cooking. Features project archives.
Seeking Sources
Offers articles about cooking, home finance and the holidays. Topics include gifts from the kitchen, how to take a financial inventory and how to choose the right cookware.
Shabby 2 Chic
Offers decorating tips, ideas, do-it-yourself projects and recipes. Features a guest book.
Sidetracked Home Executives
Offers discussion groups for home organizing and recipes. Includes articles.
So You Wanna Organize Your Closet?
Full-length article covers the process of organizing the items in a closet.
Some Handy-Dandy Household Tips
Offers tips on cleaning, stain removal and ordinary household solutions to everyday problems. Includes author's resume.
Sudarsans Household Hints
Offers tips for the kitchen and garden. Includes general hints.
Suite101.com - Domestic Bliss
Explores topics including children, finances, organization and pets. Features archived discussions.
Suite101.com - Household Management
Articles address topics such as cleaning, packing for trips and house guests. Features archived articles and discussions.
The Blu Fish - Home Tips
Offers articles on topics such as removing sap from clothing and temporarily frosting windows. Includes visitor questions and answers and checklists.
The Busy Woman's Resource
Offers articles on topics such as cooking, cleaning, organizing, and parenting. Includes forums.
The F.U.N. Place - Families United on the Net
Offers home tips, recipes, crafts and parenting articles. Includes forums, chat and a newsletter.
The Household Cyclopedia of General Information
Offers articles from the late 19th century. Topics include agriculture, recipes, crafts and making paints and dyes.
The Jungle House
Offers tips on saving time and money, crafts, gifts and cooking. Features news and a mailing list.
The New Homemaker
Offers advice and resources on topics including parenting, thriftiness, kitchen, family health, crafts, decorating, and organization. Features news and chat.
Time Management Suggestions For Getting Home/Yard/
Offers a system for assigning household work. Includes ideas for specific work categories.
Directory of household hints and money saving ideas. Features a forum, newsletter and FAQ.
Tips Crazy
Offers a collection of housekeeping tips, including cleaning, gardening, organization, pets, and money saving. Accepts ideas from visitors.
Uses for Vinegar
Offers suggestions on topics including cleaning tools, getting rid of an upset stomach and laundry care.
Winter Home Shutdown
Suggestions for winterizing homes that will be vacant. Includes instructions for winterizing appliances.
WomenOf.com - Hearth & Home
Offers articles about interior decorating, home design, do it yourself projects and gardening.