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About Bugs
Information about various insects including their biology, common types, health hazards, and how to control them. From the Consumer Specialty Products Association.
Deodorizer for the Porch
Recipe using hydrogen peroxyde, baking soda, and detergent, to control odor caused by dead critters under the porch. (Recipe is found near the bottom of the page.)
Dr Don's Termite Pages
Help with termites. Find out what they do, why they do it and how to avoid problems. Hints with choosing a pest controller and some fun and bizarre links.
Effective Control of Household Spiders
Identify different types of spiders such as the Black Widow or wolf spider and learn how to control them in the home with chemical pesticides and other means. From the Pest Management Regulatory Agency in Canada.
Identify Your Pest Bird
Photos of birds that are commonly pests in North America, descriptions of the damage they can cause in homes and gardens, and information about controlling them.
Insect and Rodent Pest Control Information
Insect and rodent pest control articles covering a broad variety pests and methods of control.
IPM: Brown Rat Management
Fact sheet on rat identification and control measures from the University of Illinois.
Pest Information Central
Pest control advice for "do it yourselfers" and advice for selecting an exterminator.
Guide on trapping, eradicating, and preventing rat and rodent problems in the home and yard. Includes ratcam and forum.
Provides information and advice about pests and pest control.
Symbio's Non-Toxic Pest Management Index
An informational index of non-toxic ways to control various arthropod pests.
Termite Control
Termite control answers for the homeowner from University of Kentucky.
Termites and Termite Control in Australia
The consumer's guide includes information on termite biology and the main destructive species. Published by The Australian Pest Controllers Association Inc.