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1668 Home Decor
Indulgence and spirituality in urban homelife discussed with style examples and graphics.
Anna and Susie
Personal site of best friends living in a city.
AOL CityGuide
A city resource and interactive community. Provides local news, entertainment and community resources for over 60 metropolitan areas.
Australian Terraced Houses
Photos of Victorian and Edwardian terraced houses and streetscapes in Australia
Tips and advice on how to live out of a vehicle as a temporary alternative to housing. Includes stories, opinions and essential techniques.
Earth Smart Urban Living
A project to make urban living more environmentally friendly. Includes details of a model home in Portland, Oregon.
Experiments in Sustainable Urban Living
This site details one family's experiences in Portland, Oregon and how it can be applied in other urban environments.
Lifestyle and Concierge Services
Offers lifestyle management, personal assistant and concierge services to Londoners.
Online weblog about urban recreation. Includes articles on urban exploration, absurdist cooking.
National Courtesy Council
Personal comments on being nice to others.
New Colonist
For city dwellers committed to urban life and for others who are preparing to return to the metropolis. Includes articles and essays, history, analysis, and city guide information. Emphasis on sustainable urban development.
An artistic work about urban life.
Raising a Family in the City
Personal site discussing the personal, public and professional side of life in an urban neighborhood.
Self Sufficientish
Information on growing plants, wild food recipes, and alternatives to lead a low impact urban life.
The 25th Hour
Providing professional lifestyle management with one to one support. Based in UK.
TheUrban.com's purpose is to be the preeminent source for information, services and goods to the urban community.
Urbanstar Websearch Lounge - Lifestyle Section
Results of 7 top search engines with one click.