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Animals and Insects
Adventures of Banph, Adventures of Peter Rabbit, Ain't Got No Honey For My Oats, Animal Stories, Animals Myths and Legends, Ant Bee's Stories, Bembo's Zoo, Cabbit Story, Cherbear Stories, Chi Chi In Cyberspace
Fairies and Wizards
A Scandal Among the Flowers, Contest of Fairies, Dalain The Dwarf, Dragons Greed, Fairier-Than-a-Fairy, Frogwart and the Tooth Fairies, If You Really Try You Could Meet A Fairy, Magic Fairies, Magic Shadow Shapes, Snow White and the Magical Mirror
Folk and Fairy Tales
A Children's Story, A Rocky Mountain Fairy Tale, Absolutely Whootie: Stories to Grow By, Animated Classic Fairy Tales, Baron Von Lodge in Lilliland, Bedtime Story, Children Stories and Folktales from Indonesia, Children's Books Online: The Rosetta Project, Childrenstory.com, Croatian Tales of Long Ago
Bridget: A Burn Survivor Story, The Strange War - Stories for a Culture of Peace, Tonya Takes You Touring
Other Times and Places
A Europe of Tales, The Barker Boys And The Great Stone Of Gwondala
Scary Stories
A Snake From Under the Skin, ElfmanWorld, MacScouter: Ghost Stories, Malibu Books For Children, Phoophie, The Ghosts of Sweet Briar College, The Moonlit Road
Science Fiction
Balenn, Fresh World, Libroman, The Machine Elves, Tweeker The Speaker
17 X the Moon
21st century fairy tales and fables by Alison Pegg with music, animation and sound effects.
A Monster Tale
Can you make friends with the monsters under the bed? Hilarious story of how one little boy did.
A Pocketful of Rhymes
A huge collection of original, very funny rhyming stories and poems for kids that promote self-esteem and individuality.
Ace Detectives
Join in the Adventures of the Ace Detectives, involving four teenagers from Australia, as they solve mysteries from around the world.
Allen Morgan On-line
Offers free on-line children's stories by Canadian author Allen Morgan. New stories every two weeks.
Amazing Adventure Series
Collection of original, illustrated stories. Read-along in RealAudio.
Angus the Tartan Goat and Other Scottish Stories
Animated children's stories. Read by Gordon Nicol in a rich Scottish accent.
Athropolis: Home of the Throps and the Squallhoots
When three children land upon an iceberg - they meet Throps and the Squallhoots.
Avery Hill Bedtime Stories
Selection of illustrated children's bedtime stories suitable for many ages.
Beebo in DeliLand
Offers stories on Beebo, a small boy who lives in DeliLand. Kids may also submit their own stories and read about fun activities they can do with their family. There are book reviews and periodic contests.
Bing Puddlepot's Instant Custom Picture Book
A place where kids can create an illustrated storybook about themselves. Free book may also be printed for offline reading.
Streaming video program featuring famous people reading childrens books aloud.
Bootsey's Picnic
Children story by Ellen Lebsock about Bootsey who decides to pack a picnic lunch to eat in the garden.
Bubble Dome
An interactive children's website, where the user can walk in to a virtual story world, and interact with fun characters. Enter competitions, join the club and solve problems.
Candlelight Stories
Offers downloadable illustrated stories, online writing, and pen pals. You can also review your favorite books and games, and learn how animated movies are made.
Caractacus Bear
Featuring the Ursans, a people from a parallel earth. Site is history based and includes quizzes and related links.
An online children's art history picture book written and illustrated by Steve Norton.
Children's Bedtime Stories
Small collection of bedtime stories for 5- to 11-year-olds. Written by Gordon Dioxide.
Children's Stories, Facts, and Recipes
Interesting facts, stories, pictures, jokes, and recipes.
Children's Storybooks Online
Stories for children of all ages, pre-school through young adult.
Christian Children's Corner Bible Stories
Antelope Publishing presents free online Bible stories for young children.
Circus World
Meet the clown characters who work and live at the circus. Each page explains more about what their world is like.
Classic Stories for Children
Small collection of classic tales in print and audio format.
Features original stories, jokes, puzzles, games and other activities for fun loving kids.
Library of electronic picture books. Requires free registration.
EBD StoryTeller
Over 5,000 stories, jokes and poems submitted by kids all over the world since 1997. Publish your own stories and poetry.
Faithful John, the Animated Story of
Faithful John is a story of adventure, magic spells, and faith, based on the children's literature classic by the Brothers Grimm.
Farmhouse Fables
Childrens stories and fables from Farmhouse Fables, short storybooks for children.
Fun Pages For Kids
Illustrated stories, fun pages, educational games, activities.
Grammas Tales
A collection of stories with illustrations.
Grimms' Fairy Tales
Texts of many of Grimms' original fairy tales. Includes audio of some of the stories.
Halloween! Halloween!
A short story about a spooky holiday.
If You Love to Read
Online novel about an American girl who goes to boarding school in England.
Jimmy and the Golden Gate
An illustrated story for children about a young boy who wants to see the Golden Gate Bridge, written by Evelyn Sichi.
John Deere Kids
Online adventures of Johnny Tractor and his friends, from John Deere Tractors.
Kamran and Mapa
A flying elephant sets out for adventure with his kangaroo friend. Includes puzzles and a coloring book feature.
Katie Did and the Neon Peach
Illustrated rhyming stories for kids of all ages, as well as hundreds of coloring pages, puzzles and jokes.
Kids Korner and Toddler Tales
Collection of free, illustrated online stories for kids.
Lemy and Rascal
The story adventures of Lemy, Rascal, and a whole cast of characters from Earth and the TrainStar.
Light Up Your Brain
Stories for kids in streaming MP3 audio, plus games and links for learning and fun. Requires Flash plug-in.
Light Up Your Brain: Stories
Streaming audio stories read by Chuck Brown.
Long Long Time Ago
Fables, folktales, fairytales, myths and contemporary stories from all over the world written or retold for children. Also provides story-based activities and invites children to share their own stories, poems, and illustrations.
Love's Song
A sad love story written by a teenager.
Maggit and Friends
Send letters or chat with Maggit. Read stories as well as play games.
Marianne's Story Web
Feature story is Zaroff's Revenge.
Mike Rofone -The Roving Reporter
Click on the picture of Mike and his friends and read Mike's adventures as a reporter.
Moose Stories
Stories about moose encounters from school children in Fairbanks, Alaska.
Mrs. T's Animated Stories
Simple stories illustrated with drawings and animated pictures in place of some words.
Join Mr Storytime as he tells fun and educational stories, animated and narrated in Macromedia Flash, along with online games and activities.
My Own Rainbow
Features a new children's story each day.
My Wonderland
Norma Jean Stevens' children's stories containing moral messages, with charming music and animations.
Peg's Tales
Contains animated stories for children of all ages.
PrimaryGames.com Bookshelf
Dottie's Garden, an animated e-book. For beginning readers.
Princess Sleepyhead
Illustrated by lovely photos, this story is about Princess Sleepyhead, and her search for the perfect bed.
Red Boots for Christmas
Online children's Christmas story. Read along with the electronic storybook or view pictures of the characters.
Room 108 Stories
A large collection of stories for kids. The storybooks have animation and sound.
Ruthie's Stories
Stories presented by this puppet on her web site.
SakesAlive E-Mail Adventures
An interactive site wherein children of all ages can interact with fantasy characters via E-Mail. Features the works of Serendipity author, Stephen Cosgrove.
Spin a Tale
Interactive story for kindergarten through second grade. Classes may get involved by adding to the story or by responding to the story as a class.
Join a group of children trying to catch spies in this interactive story. The story includes both educational and entertaining features.
Stories by the Talewagger
Stories for children, kids, and teenagers. You may either read them or write them.
Stories for Children
Stories written mainly by kids for kids with music, effects and graphics for illustration.
Stories From The Web
Read stories, learn about the authors, and write your own stories.
Story Brook Lane
A collection of sign-alongs and stories with child-like drawings.
Story Hour
Online stories for kids from The Internet Public Library.
Storybook Online
Short stories and novels for children, a multimedia reading community for children and parents. Children can read, hear and see stories before them. Stories are available for many levels of readers.
Short stories for children written by Daniel E. Occeno.
StoryPlace: The Children's Digital Library
See and listen to multimedia stories for children in Spanish and English. Print out craft activities and reading lists.
Stories and writing activities, by Stuart Baum. Reading lists and writing contests included.
Summer Reading
Book guide with activities and games designed to keep the pages turning.
Suzie Manley's Stories of Magic, Mystery, Tra
Suzie Manley travels to Egypt every "digging" season to be with her mother. Here are some of the local stories she has collected.
All original online stories for children, kids, and teenagers.
Teddy Bear Mysteries
The story of three detective Teddy Bears and their adventures in solving crime.
Tell Me A Story
Short stories with graphics, music, and animation.
The Adventures of Sydney
An interactive story about Sydney, a young girl in search of her lost cat.
The Fin Fur and Feather Bureau of Investigation
Animal-based government crime fighting agency that battles many foes, most notoriously CRUST and the Cyber Tooth Tigers. Kids ages 8-12 act as self-appointed field agents, filing their own reports to the Bureau and solving mysteries.
The Helical Library
Showcase of poetry, stories and works in progress set in a quirky comic fantasy universe.
The MacScouter Indian Stories
Provides stories told down through the ages.
The Secret of Colors
A short, illustrated, online story about the use of colors in art.
The Strange Mr. Free
An eccentric time traveler takes two boys to the past for groovy adventures.
The Symphony of Friendship
An illustrated story about how two enemies become friends through music.
The Tale of Christopher Caterpillar and Sammy Snai
An illustrated story about two little buddies, a caterpillar, and a snail, by Evelyn Sichi.
The Three Little Stars
An online children's story about the bond between sisters.
The Timbuktoad Storyworld
Explore The Lost Diaries, Time of Legends and the Story Theatre. Read The Road Through Timbuktoad.
The Turtle and the Paintbox
Read about this plain shelled-turtle and his adventures.
The Un-Birthday Party
The girls and dolls all have a party to celebrate their un-birthdays.
The Web Popper Tales
Online stories for ages 3-7 with audio animated stories read by the authors, complete with printable stories to keep and read.
Timeless Eternal
Online fantasy world includes cartoons, storytelling, games, and contests.
Tippity Witchet's Beantime Stories
Fun online stories for young children.
Animated picture books online. Download free books and the free TumbleReader to enjoy e-books offline too.
New illustrated story every week. Ideal for parents and children to read together. Site includes activity pages.
Share poetry, stories, and artwork. Includes a monitored chat as well as message boards that are constantly updated and edited.