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Adobe Digital Kids Club
Learning and exploration resources in digital photography for students, parents and teachers.
Exposure - A Beginners Guide to Photography
Learn about the basics of photography with tricks, tips, and hints for beginners. Includes the SimCam: a virtual camera that helps you to understand the concepts of exposure.
Kids' Photography Camps Locator
For kids and parents interested in locating a photography camp. Search can be configured by country, region, state, religion, gender, duration, name or area code.
Kodak eMagazine: The Online Photography Magazine
Offers tips for taking all kinds of photographs. Also offers monthly feature articles about great photographers of the past and present.
Kodak Taking Great Pictures
A long list of tips and suggestions for taking different types of photographs. Includes a section on using digital cameras.
Photography for Teens
The School of Cinema and Performing Arts offers a three-week summer program in traditional and digital photography with classes in studio and portrait photography, photojournalism, documentary, fine art photography and photoshop.
Young Artists' Workshops
Opportunity for high-school students to spend one or two-weeks studying and working in their chosen field of investigation: photography, film and video, film acting or digital media. Includes information on workshops, scholarships, galleries and faculty.