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Calvin and Hobbes
Calvin & Hobbes 's World - the Brat and H, Calvin and Hobbes - Resurrected, Calvin and Hobbes' Magical World, uComics: Calvin and Hobbes
Garfield and Friends Official Site, Garfield Around The World, Sara Howard's Garfield Page, The Daily Garfield
Alek's Incredible Hulk and the Hulkster HulkM, The Hulk Library, The Incredible Hulk Animated, The Incredible Hulk: Engine of Destruction
Peanuts Collector Club, The Official Peanuts Website, Wikipedia entry on Peanuts
Faith, Love, Hope, Spider-Man Hub at UGO, Spiderfan.Org, SPYDER-25 Project, The Spiders' Webs
Super-Pets Home Page, Superman Homepage
8-3 Comics, Adventues Of Paco, Angie's Magical World, Attention Deficit Girl, City Saver, Consoles - the Web-Comic, Crescent Moon - Mikan no Tsuki, Fallen Fantasy, Kade, Legendary Warriors of the Heavens
X-Men Guide
Archie Comics
Features pictures, games, contests, coloring pages and membership privileges.
Baby Blues
McPherson family website (creators of Baby Blues) that includes archive of the comic strip, information on the creators, a scrapbook, and a Baby Blue Contest.
Belvedere Cartoons
Cartoon site featuring Belvedere, a mischievous little dog who has been appearing on comic pages worldwide for over 30 years. Created by George Crenshaw.
Mix of original cartoons, greeting cards, puzzles, stories, gif and flash animations. Send friends an eCard toon.
Crystal Eternity
Provides an overview of the story of Fushigi Yuugi, with character biographies, series information and image galleries.
DD Sanctuary
Features character biographies and an image gallery for the Demon Diary manga series.
Dewey Does
Play games, view art, check out the Dewey comic strip, enter contests, send ecards, and sign the guest book.
Emperors New Suit
Online story and internet game retelling the classic fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen. Drag-n-drop dress-up games where you dress up the emperor in cartoon costumes.
Foxtrot by Bill Amend
Information on Foxtrot, recent strips, and a news page from the author.
Green Springs Cartoons
Green Springs Character Official Web Site featuring all of the Green Springs characters and animated series production updates. Includes how to draw, games, and cartoon history.
Jet Pack Pets: Welcome to Sky City
The Jet Pack Pets teach kids every step of how comics are made.
Kid Friendly Super Hero Comic Books
In the flavor of silver-age Marvel and DC comics. Steve Casteel and Mark Daniel created a comic book company back in 1970 when they were in the 6th grade. 34 years later it is still going strong. ICG features original characters and artwork that is kid friendly.
Official web site of Marvel Comics.
Official Dilbert Website by Scott Adams
Dilbert and gang offer daily comic strips, archived comics, e-cards, games and desktop diversions.
Official Steve and Bluey website
Official site for Steven Fischer's cartoon comedy team of Steve and Bluey, a modern day Abbott and Costello. Includes information about the author, a notebook, interviews, and cartoons.
Rainbow Orchid
An original award winning 1920's mystery tale of Julius Chancer search for a mythical flower mentioned by the Greek philosopher and botanist, Theophrastus. Original artwork and story by Garen Ewing.
Sakura Party
A Love Hina fan site, with story outline, wallpaper and character images.
Slylock Fox and Comics for Kids
Features comic archive, brain bogglers, contests, and how to draw cartoons. Some activities require email subscription.
Superheros Online
Contains information on a variety of superheros such as batman, superman, spiderman, and x-men.
The Cosmic Odyssey
Displays collection of Silver Age comic book, Silver Surfer, and DC comic, Green Lantern. Features original artwork of the characters from many sources. Some of the rare collection is for sale.
The Silver Palace
Sailor Moon games, images and character profiles, with instructions for downloading episodes.