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EeyoreGirl's Page, GirlThrive, Love's Child, Promote Truth, Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network, Sexual Abuse, Survive, When Love Hurts
Explains how to recognize symptoms of abuse, identifies long-term effects, and tells where to get help.
ChildHelpUSA: Kids Only
Identifies common types of abuse and provides a 24-hour hotline for children and teens who are being abused.
Children's Refuge
Offers a place to play, learn, tell jokes, chat with peers (monitored), links to safe sites, downloadable online games, and the option to ask for help and report child abuse.
End Child Abuse
Provides answers to common questions, safety tips, and information for children who are being violated.
Help For Kids
Designed by a kid for kids dealing with emotional abuse and/or bullying. Explains why some people abuse others, why it is wrong, and how to overcome it. Includes links to other places to go for help
How to Handle Abuse
Hitting, grabbing, and yelling can all be kinds of abuse. This site talks about what abuse is and what to do about it.
I Power I Anti Bullying Conference for Young Peopl
Presents information from previous meetings, as well as the programme for the next annual event and resources to help tackle bullies. Located in the United Kingdom.
Love Our Children USA
Information for kids and teens on recognizing and reporting child abuse. Includes national hotlines for a number of protective agencies.
Stephanie's Safe Haven: What is Abuse?
The definition of abuse, from several sources.
What Kids and Teens Need to Know About Child Abuse
Explains several types of abuse, and provides a toll-free abuse hotline.
What to Do if You or a Friend Is Dealing With Abu
A short guide to identifying and dealing with abusive relationships.