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5 Fun Ways to Health and Fitness
Information about nutrition and physical activity for kids and teachers.
Active Kidz
Offers simple exercises and healthy recipes.
Am I Too Fat or Too Thin?
A look at what the "right size" is and tips on how to reach it.
Canada's Physical Activity Guide to Healthy L
Guides to help make wise choices about daily living.
F4NG: Health and Fitness Four the New Generation
Health and fitness advice for young people, along with help the overweight.
FitPoint Australia
Australian organization that encourages healthier lifestyles through fitness classes.
Healthy and Active Living
A collection of health and fitness related pages for students of Physical and Health Education.
I Don't Like Sports, So How Can I Stay Fit?
Article explores fun, healthy exercise choices for people who aren't into team sports.
It's Time to Exercise
Tells how to get great exercise no matter what the weather is like or who's around.
Jump Into A Healthy Life
The Thinkquest crew teaches kids about jumping rope with jump rope skills, quiz, and information on how exercise keeps the heart healthy and bodies fit.
Jumping for Joy
Meet the boys and girls of Santa Clara, CA on the competition and exhibition jump rope team. Features team photos, tournament results, and basic skills for jumping rope.
Jumping Rope
Instructions on the equipment needed, variations, muscle groups exercised, and basic workout tips for jump rope beginners.
Kids learn about sports, fitness, and healthy bodies from a team of elementary school students.
Kids 'N Fitness
Join students across the country as they get in shape in this online spring event to get kids exercising their minds and bodies.
Fun learning adventure on how kids can play smart, avoid injuries, and getting the body in shape after an injury.
Sprint Training for Developing Athletes
Training information for young and beginning sprinters. Aimed at athletes as young as 8. From Sydney Athletics.
Taking the Pressure off Sports Competition
Explains why some kids feel pressure while competing and tell what do it if it happens to you.
Tone Teen
Includes health and fitness articles, exercises, interactive tools, nutrition tips, and other resources.
UKA Zone
Features athletics-related games, downloads, competitions and news items for 8-15 year olds.
Why Exercise Is Cool
Tells why exercise is important and explores the many benefits of physical activity.