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Chinese Learning Club, Chinese Multimedia Tutorial, Chinese4fun.com, Free Chinese Lessons, Write Chinese
Ado.doc, BBC Education - Talk French, Chloé ou Les Aventures d'une Parisienne, Club Mimi, EHS Middle School French, First year French @UT Austin, Flale, French, French Activities with M. Renaud, French Grammar Help
Basic German 4-U, English-German Vocabulary Quizzes, German Numbers Vocabulary Game, Keep Learning And Revising (KLAR), Little Explorers: German Dictionary, The German Tutor
Adesso - Intermediate Italian Lessons, Interactive Italian Language Course, Italian 100 Exercises: Preliminare, Italian Numbers Vocabulary Game, Italian Sites for Children, Tongue Twisters in Italian
Basic Japanese, Basics of Japanese, Japanese Writing Tutor, Japster 2000, Write Kanji
History, An Introduction to Korean, Hanguel: Korean Alphabet, Korean Alphabet, Han Gul, Korean Online 3.0, Korean Studies at Sogang, Korean through English, Korean Travel Phrases, KOSNET: Korean Study Net, Teen Korean
A Selection of Latin and Greek Roots, Advice for Learning Latin Vocabulary, AP Latin Literature, Artes Latinae Support Group, Ask the Oracle, Cambridge Latin Course Links, CICERO: Words following the Caesar List, Common Latin Expressions, English-Latin Word Search, Garfield Latin
Multilingual Translators
Ajeeb, Altavista, Amikai, Bowne Global, d-Babel, Google Language Tools, IBM, InterTran, Reverso, SDL
Course of Russian Language in Pictures, Language Groups and Dialects of the Russian Empire, Learn the Russian Alphabet, On-line Russian Reference Grammar
Basic English/Spanish Translation Games, Basic Spanish Words with Pronunciation, BBC Languages - Talk Spanish, Collection of Tongue Twisters - Spanish, El Lugar de Español Dos, Electronic Flashcards for Spanish, English Spanish Link, Interactive Spanish Stories, La Bamba Spanish Lessons - Musical Spanish, Learn Spanish
Bahasa Indonesian
Learn basic Bahasa Indonesian, geared toward travelers. Offers 8 lessons with sound samples, a dictionary, and cultural notes.
Basic Maltese Grammar
Learn the basics of Maltese including alphabet and numbers. For older students.
BBC Languages
Interactive lessons and games with sound clips and videos for learning basic phrases in Spanish, French, English, German, and Italian.
Bilingual Vocabulary Quizzes
Java quizzes to test your vocabulary in over 20 languages.
Dutch for Beginners
Introduction to Dutch grammar and vocabulary.
Education Guardian - Language Learning
Specially selected articles, written and audio, to broaden vocabulary and grammatical skills while also learning more about each country. French, German, Italian and Spanish.
Hebrew for Me
A collection of interactive, Hebrew mini-lessons from Jewish/Israel sites around the world.
Hungarian Words and Phrases
Teaches basic Hungarian words and phrases, numbers, months, and days. Each word and phrase has its own WAV file to help pronunciation.
Learn Dutch
Online language course covering vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation.
Learn to Speak Swahili
Translates common words and phrases from English to Swahili. Pronunciation can be heard with the use of RealPlayer.
Learning American Sign Language Using Alphabet Fla
Activities for learning the Sign Language alphabet by using American Sign Language Flashcards.
Place to learn languages and meet people from all over the world. Uses My Vocabulary, a tool that creates word lists and manages them.
A revision resource which helps with learning French, Spanish, German, and Italian. For older students and requires free registration.
Animated project to learn some words in Lithuanian
Little Explorers: Portuguese Dictionary
Translations from English to Portuguese with a picture dictionary.
Modern and Ancient Alphabets
Displays more than 30 alphabets from around the world.
Mr Russell's French and Spanish Help
Many activities for learning French and Spanish, created by a teacher at Prospect High School in Illinois.
University of Cambridge language aspiration project focuses on inspiration through cultural learning. Registration required.
Norwegian Language Lessons
In depth topical tutorials for learning to speak Norwegian.
Say Hello to the World
Learn to say "hello" in over 30 different languages, plus find links to resources about the languages, the cultures, and language learning on the Web. From the Internet Public Library.
Sutton High Sports College Modern Foreign Language
Help with learning French, German, Russian, and Spanish. Links to useful games and activities on other websites; revision ideas.
Swahili Language
Gives translations of common words between English and Swahili, and also demonstrates their pronunciation.
The Greek Language
Information on grammar, pronunciation, and the Greek alphabet. Also has some historical background.