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Able2Know - News Forums
Offers separate forums by type of news.
BBC News -- Talking Point
Online discussions, links to related news stories from the British Broadcasting Co. Topics range from serious to trivial.
CBS News
Theme/Focus: current affairs. Registration Information: users must register before posting new discussions or replying to existing ones. Discussion Structure: linear.
Commentariat is a collection of opinions about, and links to, current topics on the Internet from a personal point of view. Politics, religion, terrorism, and oddly enough, mathematics and science come within the fields of interest.
Content Forum Study
A study on behalf of the European Commission to define alternative scenarios for a Digital Content.
News talk and discussion forums for current news and issues. Discuss and share thoughts about top news, business news, world news, sports, technology, science, health, and entertainment.
Spirited site with 10 distinct forums with more on the way. Designed around the Yahoo Clubs format without the annoying ads.
Discussion Forum For Mauritian People
Online discussion forum for the people of Mauritius and Mauritian communities abroad
Discussions About India And Indian Issues
Global network of people with Indian origin. Discus marriage, jobs, politics, Hinduism and business related to India
Drudge Forum
Message board that covers news, journalism, politics and topics related to the Drudge Report.
Electric Hermit
Forum offers topics of local, UK and world affairs plus the big issues in the news and specific campaigns.
Guardian Unlimited: News Talk
Talkboards about general news, with links to talkboards on specific topics. Includes Quote of the Week and Hot Topics.
A NEWS related forum dedicated to combining current headlines and events with current opinions.
ImAFish - The ultimate Chillout site
ImAFish is full of news, reviews, discussions and welcomes anyone!
Independent: Have Your Say
A readers' forum to discuss the issues of the day, let off steam on something about which you feel strongly, or maybe something you have read on the site.
Informative Portal about Furniture Manufacture and
Place of a meeting for all, whose business is furniture. Here you can discuss the topical themes, comment on materials from this site or from the our magazines.
Australian news, current affairs and articles with discussion.
International Forum
International forum about politics and history in the regions of military conflicts: in English and Russian.
Political discussion on the internet. Interactive Realtime chat, news page and bulletin board.
Lobby-It.Com - Have yor say on anything & Ever
Have your say about any issue that bothers you. Talk online about your concerns in our chat room.
Forum for posting and discussion of current news items of a political bent. Includes selections by columnist Lucianne Goldberg.
Theme/Focus: current affairs. Registration Information: users choose author names on the fly (no usernames or passwords). Discussion Structure: linear.
National Public Radio (NPR)
Theme/Focus: current affairs. Topic Selection: users can start new discussions, but topics are pre-determined. Author Names: users must select a username and password before starting a new discussion or replying to an existing one. Discussion Structure: linear.
News & Views Exchange Central
Message board for journalists to exchange the latest international news and views as well as topical professional issues. [English, Russian]
News Nation
Debate politics and current events.
News Links, Issue Forums, Blogs, Columnist, Politics
NOLA Live: News Media Forum
Nola's discussion forum about current news and media issues.
OmniNerd is intended to be an academic forum that discusses news and articles.
Positive Look At Sept. 11
Positive Look At Sept. 11 - Out of potentially 74,280 Americans directly targeted - 99.6% survived or avoided the AMERICAN TRAGEDY on September 11, 2001,Positive statistics
Poynter Forums
A variety of e-mail discussion lists on various journalism-related topics.
Pravda.Ru -- Talking Point
Online discussions, links to related news stories from the Pravda.Ru. Topics range from serious to trivial.
Quest For Answers In Modern Times
A forum for people of all cultures and faiths to share experiences, questions, knowledge, and theory regarding global society, current events, politics, and Islam. This is an informal discussion welcoming views of all faiths and lifestyles.
Qwest Employee Board
A message board to discus the current issues with qwest.
Reality News
Links to selected quirky stories from around the world and a discussion board in which to post comments, share files, and upload items to share with other community members.
SMS Australia
Mobile, wireless technology, cellular, SMS news and information portal for the Australian community.
Stossel, John
Discussion forum on the topics of the controversial ABC investigative reporter's documentaries.
Survival Resources News Daily
Survival and preparedness resources and news, opinion and on-going discussions on these subjects and current events. Of interest to the survivalist/prearedness and patriotic communities.
The Best Internet Stores
Share news about your online shopping experience.
The Cyber I
A fourm discussion site with an emphasis on news, political discussion, and current events.
Time Online: Talking Point
A discussion area to put readers' questions to Times journalists and experts, as well as a wide range of people in the news including politicians and authors. UK.
USRepublic News Board And DIscussion Site
This site is a news board and discussion site for conservatives. Here you can catch up on the latests news and share opinions with others.
Volconvo is heated debate
'Volconvo' is a combination of the words volcano + conversation. The combo means heated debate, and that's exactly what the site's for (open discussion).
Who-Me Network
Chat, free webspace, forums, virtual places, and downloads.
World Affairs Board
Forum for social, economic and political issues as well as military equipment, strategy and issues.