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Low-Power MicroRadio
Allston-Brighton Free Radio, Beat Radio:NAB Anti-LPFM Kit, FCC Low Power Radio Policy and Information Page, FCC LPFM - Policies and Rules, Free Speech Broadcasting - Micro Radio, Joan Campbell Statement on Low Power Radio, Low Power Radio Association, Low Power To The People, Low-Power Radio Plan Defended, LPFM Radio
Access Television Worldwide Links
Worldwide links to 300 Public Access Television sites in 13 countries and other links related to the movement for the Freedom of Speech.
Alliance for Community Media
Advocate for grass-roots democratic media.
Alternative Video/TV WebRing
WebRing for alternative media sites.
Americans for Radio Diversity
News and information from organization that advocates for greater diversity of ownership of radio stations and public access to airwaves. Critically covers increasing consolidation of media ownership.
Citizens for Independent Public Broadcasting
Organization dedicated to creating a national coalition to develop independently funded public radio and television broadcasting trust.
Committee on Democratic Communications of the Nati
Organization working to promote legality of low-power grassroots micro-power radio and other alternatives to allow greater public access to airwaves
Community Radio Info and Links
Links and information about Community Radio Stations across the United States.
Corporate Media Portal
Information on corporate media, from a critical perspective. Articles and links about LPFM radio service, anti-corporate sites and links to free radio resources.
Free Speech TV Cable Project
A part-time cable network bringing progressive television to nearly seven million homes weekly.
Archive of material about Canadian campus and community radio, micro and pirate broadcasting, and community networking.
Hobby Broadcasting
Quarterly publication, dedicated to do-it-yourself broadcasting of all types: microbroadcasting, pirate radio and TV, Internet radio, public-access radio and TV, shortwave radio, and college and high-school radio and TV.
International Community Radio Project
Site designed to help community broadcasters communicate and share ideas and resources
Media Access Project
Background information, resources, and links to current topics in media, telecommunications, and Internet law and policy from public-interest advocacy organization.
Micro-power Radio News
News about effort to allow grass-roots low-power radio stations as opportunity for individuals and community organizations to have access to broadcast media.
Open Channels
Resources and information about international public-access television movement.
Star Ray TV
A grassroots organization promoting media democracy through low power UHF community television in Canada and globally.
The Low Power FM Applicant's Guide
An FCC brochure to outline prodedures and requirements to those wishing to establish an LPFM radio station.