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A New Years's Resolution For The Right, Ben Bagdikian Interview, Bloodbath in the District of Columbia, Chris's News and Views, Consent, American Style, Hold On to Your Phone Bill -- It's Merger Tim, McChesney's, Meditations on Media -- Jane W. Prettyman, Necessary Illusions -- Online Book by Noam Chmosky, Tabloids, Talk Radio, and the Future of News
Media Columnists
Ann Coulter, Brent Bozell, Dan Kennedy's Media Files, Danny Schechter - News Dissector, David Lieberman, Howard Kurtz, Jim Romenesko, Mark Jurkowitz, Norman Solomon, Off the Record
Become The Media
Includes analysis of breaking stories and recommended links.
BraveNews World
Includes commentary, cultural studies, features, a library, archives, resources and features.
Broadcasting in Ghana:An overview of changing time
Partially from a masters thesis by Ama Serwah Adu-Gyimah, a discussion about broadcasting in Ghana. Includes contact information.
From Terry Krepel, a watchdog of conservative Internet news sources. About the site, criticism, reader letters, archives, links and books for sale.
Essays, book reviews, bookstore, articles on communications theory, social science, discourse analysis, philosophy, linguistics, and psychoanalysis.
Cyber Campfire
Dan Zukowski's web log on current events.
From Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting, includes commentary, issues of special concern, archives, a listserv and contact information.
Investigative Report: Off The Record
From the Center for Public Integrity, a publication in PDF format about broadcasting corporations and their legislative agendas.
Media -- NewCity.com
Commentary from an online journal.
Media Day
From a journalism study conducted at Stockholm, includes methodology, articles, findings and contact information.
Media File
A nonprofit resource and training center. About the organization, history, news, commentary, recommended links, archives, class schedules, how to become a member, special events and contact information.
Media Research Center Home Page
From a conservative watchdog group, includes their goals, alerts, reports, columns, topics of special interest, resources, studies, personalities and contact information.
Media Visions Webzine
An online journal from Ken Freed; includes essays, audio interviews and talks, guest commentary, books for sale and recommend links.
Timothy Karr's webblog.
Mitchell Stephens
Commentary from Mitchell Stephens.
News Freedom
Daily commentary and recommended links.
Number Watch
From John Brignell, how statistics are altered to convey ideas. Numbers of the month, book reviews, commentary and contact information.
Steve Macek's Home Page
Commentary and recommended links from a college professor.
The Bewildered Herd
From Dr. B.A. Taleb, includes feedback, contact and purchase information about the book.
The People and the Press
From the Pew Research Center, includes mission statement, commentary, current and archived survey reports, references to the organization in the press, poll results from other groups and contact information.
The Rittenhouse Review
Includes links to foreign policy articles and commentary about them, contact information and links to online publications.