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ACLU Briefer: Music under Siege, Diva DJs, DJ Suzy C, Earshot Media, Frontline: The Merchants of Cool, GoListenLive.net: Indie Bands and Guerilla Marketi, Houghton Mifflin - Case 1: MTV Versus Viva-TV, IndiaStar: Why MTV Digs India?, It's Not Only Rock and Roll: Popular Music in, Marketing Factory
Alternative Media Watch
A set of links to most of the alternative and/or "radical" newspapers and publications operating today.
Brainshrub - Morning News Scan
Posts headline summaries with brief commentary and counterpoint links.
Center for Media Literacy
National advocate for media literacy education. Develops and distributes books, videos, teaching materials and other programs that promote critical thinking about the media.
Children's Media Project (CMP)
A non-profit art and education organization focusing on giving children and youth, parents and teachers, artists and media makers a space to use media critically and creatively.
Christian Media Literacy Institute
Equipping parents and teachers to teach media evaluation from the point of view of Christian values.
Commercial Alert
Helps families, schools, and communities defend themselves against commercialism, advertising, and marketing. Campaigns focus on culture, education, government, and economy. Includes ideas for action, mailing list, news, and research library.
Emigre Design
Articles by or about Emigre, an experimental type foundry in Berkeley, CA. Emigre has had an unprecedented theoretical and real-world effect on the look of advertising around the world.
Free Minds Online: Responsible Journalism on the W
On the Internet, we are all the media. Suggestions for evaluating information before you pass it on; links to valuable information sites; discussion groups.
Harper's Magazine
The online version of the magazine: "Harper's editors sift through the culture's vast output of information, searching for gleaming points of significance, and each month present their findings via such original journalistic devices."
Issues in Media, Literature, and the Arts
A Junior level course on Media Literacy. Some links are restricted to enrolled students for copyright reasons.
Jesuit Communication Project
Guides and resources to encourage, promote, and develop Media Education in schools across Canada.
Just Think Foundation
A media literacy organization for teachers, parents, and children teaching basic, visual, and technological literacy and encouraging young people to think critically.
Marshall McLuhan
A short overview of the place and influence of Marshall McLuhan in media studies.
Marshall McLuhan Archive
This official not-for-profit web site is maintained by the estate of Marshall McLuhan to ensure the integrity of his name and legacy.
Marshall McLuhan Links
Professor Bernard Hibbitts selected links to biographical material as well as links to journals, papers, projects, courses, research centers and new releases relevant to the life and work of the late Canadian communications theorist Marshall McLuhan.
Master New Media
Know-how, resources and tools to facilitate one's ability to learn, communicate and collaborate effectively with new media technologies.
Media Education Foundation
A nonprofit organization devoted to media research and the production of resources to aid educators and others in fostering analytical media literacy.
Media Literacy
Presents educational information and resources focusing on the United States.
Media Literacy Clearinghouse
A web page designed for K-12 educators who want to learn more about media literacy and integrate it into classroom instruction.
Media Literacy Online Project
Provides media literacy support service for teachers, and others, concerned with the influence of media in the lives of children and youth.
Research, information and materials by media literacy speaker and consultant Peter DeBenedittis, Ph.D.
Helps advance research and education in media studies and critical thinking. The site serves as a hub providing links to international news and media studies sites.
Nat Whitten
"Seminal Influences in Modern American Advertising." An online essay on generative influences in advertising projects from creative director & copywriter Nat Whitten.
National Institute on Media and the Family
A national resource for research, education and information about the impact of the media on children and families.
New Mexico Media Literacy Project
Provides training programs and materials in support of media literacy, especially in children. Products include examples of the use of subliminal messages and other forms of manipulation.
Noam Chomsky
Chomsky's home page at MIT. Contains a list of his publications on topics relevant to mass media.
Over the Rainbow
A free online magazine dedicated to media literacy for the entire family. Works to help children and adults not perpetuate stereotypes and generalizations about people of different backgrounds. Provides tips and activities that may help children and their parents become more open-minded media consumers.
PBS Teacher Source - Media Literacy
Features related activities, classroom resources, and professional development information.
Pop Politics
Explores why people are turning away from traditional news sources for political coverage and turning to pop culture for information.
Popular Culture and American Culture Association
The PCA and ACA are two academic organizations that focus in part on media studies as well as culture. Open to a very wide range of investigations on scholarly topics.
Project Literacy Among Youth (PLAY)
A not-for-profit sponsorship of media literacy among youth. A scholarly yet practical experimentation with the ways in which all communication technologies can and do shape the education of youth.
A nonprofit, public interest organization dedicated to investigative reporting on the public relations industry.
Techknowledge: Literate Practice and Digital World
Master thesis by Bonnie Stewart. An exploration of knowledge, technology, and truth as cultural practices. Analyzing the ways knowing, being, and doing are constructed and re-constructed through cultural discourse.
The Foucault Pages at CSUN
A good place to start if you want to apply the thinking of Michel Foucault to any study of mass media.
The Frankfurt School
A good overview of the cultural critics and theorists of The Frankfurt School. Marxist derived ideas led to concepts of historical materialism, and the culture industry. Strong criticisms of the media within modern industrial society.
The Media Awareness Network
A bilingual, Canadian educational web site containing a wide range of copy-right cleared resources to help teachers integrate media literacy and web literacy into their classrooms.
The Validity of Anti-War Criticism
In defense of anti-war criticism by Tim Wise.
Essays and media criticism intended to reveal the hidden meanings in TV, film, science fiction, theme parks, virtual realities, politics, advertising and news.
Umberto Eco
Links and content referencing the Italian semiotician Umberto Eco's work and ideas.
Virginia Polytechnic Institute - Critical Media Li
Engages users in critical examination of how the media covers US foreign policy focusing on Iraq and Afghanistan.
Visual Culture
Richard Griffith's short lecture on TV wrestling summarizes many of the main theoretical points in contemporary media and the culture of "spectacle."
What Makes Mainstream Media Mainstream - Noam Cho
From a talk at Z Media Institute in 1997.
Z Communications - The Spirit of Resistance Lives
Offers a variety of critical writings and essays on culture and the media.