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All Puzzle Press
Specialists in the provision of puzzle content for newspapers, magazines, books, promotions, in-house publications, and associated media. UK.
Allied Features Syndicate
An independent source of comics, crosswords, puzzles, quizzes, columns and more for the alternative newsweekly and college newspaper industries.
Amrita Bharati
Syndication agency specializing in children's features and features of general interest.
Auspac Media
Sample the comics, puzzles, crosswords, and themed work of Australian creators distributed through this privately-owned syndication company.
Cartoons and Wordgames
Crosswords and all kinds of puzzles for newspapers and magazines.
Challenge News and Features Syndicate
A news and features syndicate offering articles for major publications. Based in Chennai, India.
ComParrot Newspaper Puzzles
Original newspaper puzzles by Bonnie J. Malcolm provided in different formats.
Copley News Service
Information about the variety of editorial content that Copley News Service has to offer.
An independent newspaper syndicate.
Dr. Mysterian Predicts
Samples, FAQs, Weblog, online store and biography explaining a syndicated column featuring predictions of the future.
Editor & Publisher Syndicate Directory
The industry's only complete source of newspaper syndicated features. Order the Directory at this site.
Featurewell Syndication Worldwide
An electronic marketplace that enables registered editors to read, for free, then purchase the rights to publish articles by top journalists.
Guardian Unlimited Syndication
Guardian News Service offers digital feeds, special international news services, individual articles, features, photographs, graphics and digital feeds from the Guardian and The Observer.
iTravelSyndicate is an online marketplace for travel content.
Kimberly Blaker Features Service, Inc.
Articles and content for print or Web publication on parenting, women's interest, men's interest, home and garden, health and fitness, travel, and seniors.
Mindpuzz Puzzle Corporation
Provides word puzzles to newspapers, magazines and portal web sites.
Satori Publishing - Syndicated Puzzles for Newspap
Provides crosswords puzzles and cryptograms for newspapers and magazines.
Syndicated Media Group
A link between progressive employers and various communities such as the African American Community, the Latino community, the Veteran community, and the Women's Rights community.
The Bangladesh Journal
Independent news syndication and authoring service for Bangladesh and Southern Asia.
Tribune Media Services
A leading provider of information and entertainment products to newspapers and electronic media.
United Media
United Feature Syndicate, Inc. provides hundreds of electronic and print publishers with award-winning political commentary, editorial cartoons and comics.
Universal Press Syndicate
The official website of famous syndicated comics, editorial columnists and popular newspaper features.