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Desktop Software
BBC Newsline Ticker, BotBox, Desktop News, EasyByte News Ticker, NewsDart Sports News, Wake Up News, Worldflash
CReAte Your Own Newspaper. Decide on the publications you want and let CRAYON pull together all of the headlines for you in one, easy to click home page.
Daily Snooze
A configurable home page providing headline news from BBC and Ananova, weather reports, bookmarks, and search tools.
Findory News is a personalized newspaper that learns from the news you read, finds articles that match your interests, and creates a front page of news stories specifically for you.
Gixo changes which news articles are featured depending on what you have read. It also allows users to customize the layout of the page.
Individual.com is a customizable news service, allowing users to choose from over 200 topics and follow over 5000 public companies. News can be read on the site or delivered by e-mail.
Memigo is a news aggregator with many features, including rating articles, news recommendations, and XML and RSS feeds.
MSNBC Newsbot
Determines which stories are most relevant or most popular, and recommends stories to individual readers based on their interests.
My Herald
My Herald allows customizing a Miami Herald news front page by specifying keywords and categories of interest. Subscription required.
My Netscape
A customizable portal with features such as news, stock quotes, sports scores, and weather.
My Yahoo
My Yahoo is a customizable web page with news, stock quotes, weather, and many other features.
News is Free
News is Free collects news from over 8000 sources. The site allows you to browse and search headlines, create custom news pages, and build custom RSS feeds.
Aggregates news stories from different content providers and allows readers to customize the news feed by subject.
NewsHub aggregates and reports headlines from user-selected sources or topics with updates every 15 minutes.