english deutsch
The Outliers
Allies of Evil, Banal Retention, BeavNet, Camborne Reporter, Derf Magazine, Disinfotainment Today, Extra Padding, Humor Gazette, Internet Weekly Report, Living Indefinitely
Royal Canadian Air Farce, The Daily Show
America Russia News
Flippant world reports dedicated to Bush and Putin. Published weekly.
American Newspeak
Commentary on current events and political statements.
As Good as News
Stories, editorials and the Toothpaste Report. Laughing recommended.
Barry Lank's Teeny Tiny Brain
Notes on the world. Published in the Courier-Post of South Jersey.
Bean Soup Times
Main sections include Newscurves, Ghettoscopes, Columns and Comics. Offers archives, editorials and the Kitchen.
Big Fat News
Fairly preposterous site featuring news from the USA and the world.
UK based satirical newspaper. Laughs about politics, health issues, arts, business and current events.
Bob from Accounting
Features headlines, articles, pranks, advice and past issues.
Bongo News
Weekly covering politics, entertainment, business, sports and international affairs. Brief, visually-oriented material. Also runs a monthly photo caption contest.
Borowitz Report
View of US current events. Features archives, appearances and books. Daily.
Broken Newz
Daily. An up to date look at events.
Crusader Rabbit
Offers today's news dressed in comfortable shoes. Features an archive in categories including politics, sports and travel.
Daily Hog
Features include world, national, business and entertainment news. Offers funny videos, cartoons, games and archives.
Features headlines, top stories. opinions and archives. Published from Hempstead High School.
Faux News Channel
Featuring letters, rants, political cartoons and personalities.
Finger to the Wind
Weekly humor column, updated Wednesdays. Offers commentary by Ralph Cohen.
A satirical response to mainstream media coverage of US politics. Features include cartoons and archives.
Frumious Bandersnatch
Features articles and editorials, bad advice and back issues.
Feature articles, back issues, the writers and talk back. Established 1990; launched on the Web 1996.
Features top stories, kids fun, retractions and letters to the editor.
Features an archive of rants about the news starting in 2001. Includes reviews, articles and design issues about games.
Features weekly rambling, top stories, from the readers and the Yugo pot.
Humor In The News
Weekly. Flippant photo captions with topical themes. Offers a political cartoon and archives.
British twist to events. Offers lists, pictures and a hall of fame.
Ironic Times
Weekly world and US stories. Features three pages of articles and an archive.
It's News Dammit
Offers rants and observations poking fun at political figures and current events.
Last Story
Source for the world of entertainment, politics and everyday life. With articles, reviews, and top ten.
Libin Zhang's World
Collection of articles featuring commentary and rants. Published in the California Tech.
Loon News Online
Fake reports, alternative comics, MP3s and social commentary. Since 1983.
War and politics; rants and articles. Features include School Daze and Hollyweird.
A semi-daily feature offers commentary on current events and other stories.
Miami Harold
Features stories and captioned pictures. Updated weekly.
Entertainment satire and humor site focusing on the worlds of film, music, television, sports, and gossip. Updated frequently.
Mudcat Falls
Parody of a small town America publication. Features headlines, sports, opinion, arts, and classified.
Mustache Press
Offers late breaking, a featured column, in brief, movie reviews, headlines, sports and opinion.
National Post
Sections include financial, stories, arts, sports, commentary and diversions.
News At Ten
Spoof updated every other week. Offers headlines, stories and pictures.
News Hax
Sections include entertainment, current events, editorials, interviews, politics and technology. Features user submissions on a variety of topics.
Weekly newspaper about New York City.
Parody articles covering the NFL, politics, news, and the animation industry.
Not So News
Features headlines, local stories, media, and archives.
Oakcrest Park
The official website of a fictional city, featuring local and national news.
Parody Central
Song parodies and commentary on topics both political and silly.
Paul and Carl's Daily Diatribe
The jaundiced world view of a pair of embittered curmugeons.
A collection of rants and commentary on world events. From the Philippines.
Satirical news and commentary with forums for community and debate. Sarcasm and humor lace featured columns on current events and entertainment.
Private Eye
Offers include old world, I-Spy, lookalikes, crossword, strips and a diary. British publication.
Rant of the Week
An alternative look at the news.
Daily rant and commentary. Departments include politics, technology, entertainment, business and sports.
Articles, posters, letters and an archive. Offers rants and farcical political commentary.
Sandyloam News
Humorous look at the news from a small Texas town. Features quotes, stories, thoughts and the cat house.
Headline service delivered by mail, live feed or integrated into other sites. Also offers a discussion forum.
Articles posted daily on issues and public figures.
Screaming Pickle
Headlines and stories. Features polls, rants, quotes, 10 lists, and past articles.
A parody of computer news. Sections and topics include true stories, Apple, Intel, hardware and Microsoft.
Spitting Llamas
Features politics, reviews, and humor debate. Offers include commentary, archives and a forum.
Stinky Shorts
Offers stories, commentaries, headlines and reports. Features an archive.
SubBrilliant News
Absurd world update covering topics such as business, religion, science and politics.
The Blue Brick
News spoofs, articles, and star editorials. Offers FAQ and briefs.
The Daily Probe
Offers front page, weekly features, headlines and previous issues.
The Daily Sedative
Journal features news in brief, columns and latest top stories. Published weekly.
The Daily Spot
A look at the amusing aspects of the news from a North Staffordshire perspective. Also Home of the mythical potteries town of Waggersley.
The Globe-Guardian
Issue features include drivel, reality bytes, FutureNews, obscure and AnswerMan.
The Gurkin
Categories include business, gossip, national and consumer. Features an archive.
The Hammer
Biweekly offers stories, filler, and briefs. Offers an archive.
The LALA Times
Spoof of local news for the Los Angeles area. Features a dictionary and archives.
The Moderate Independent
Features editorial mockery, media stalking, absurd reviews and historical farce.
The Moynihan Institute
Covers education, popular culture, public policy, politics, and celebrity with an eye toward ridicule, shame and satire.
The Munews
Brief articles posted by staff. Offers commentary on world and local events.
The New World Odour
Features international editorial spoofs. Published monthly.
The Noise
Lampoon of current events, politics, and modern society. Focused mainly on Canada and the USA. Updated weekly.
The Onion
A farcical newspaper featuring world, national and community news.
The Online Investigator
Offers reports and archives.
The Rail
Satirical newspaper with clippings, polls and archives.
The Rockall Times
Issue includes society, sex, arts, science, politics and logic.
The Slant
Features a frontpage, hate mail and archives. Offers lampoon journalism, polls and columns.
The Snork Report
Covering politics in New Zealand and abroad. Published monthly.
The Specious Report
Spreads rumors, half-truths and misinformation. Features stories, an archive, brief and in depth reports.
The Voice of Reason
Features rants, headlines, comic horoscopes and links.. Published monthly.
The Watley Review
Features weekly stories, letter from the editor and previous articles.
The Wired Press
Features include articles, briefs, opinions, editorials. Offers an about and contact section.
The Wymsey Chronicle
Rural parody. Offers archive, weekend, and articles.
List of articles. commentary, rants and headlines.
Unconfirmed Sources
US left wing satirical journal that pokes fun at political figures and popular culture.
US Press News
Features stories, headlines, the world, sports, law, opinion and gossip.
Issues include The Cynic, GetaLife, The Slob, and ShitShat. In broadsheet format.