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24-7 Press Release
Free press release distribution service that helps feed news.google.com, opt-in journalists, online media, freelance writers, and newspapers.
4Media Consulting
Management consultancy focused on the media and content industries in Africa, including the use of content within corporate intranets and knowledge management systems.
Aberdeen Captioning
Provider of closed captions and subtitles for live and pre-recorded video in any tape format, video CD, DVD or webcast.
Accounting Update
Content service that monitors U.S business publications and synthesizes key news, rules and trends.
Film documentary production team based in Berkshire and producing programming for broadcasters around the world. View archive, online shopping, and list of awards.
Advance Internet
A creator of interactive, online community-based news and information Web sites. Created in alliance with newspapers owned and operated by Advance Publications Inc.
American Media Services
A radio station broker specializing in evaluations, FM/AM upgrades, radio station consulting and appraisals.
Sales and marketing information for an advertising agency representing regional press titles throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. A Trinity Mirror Regionals company.
AP Broadcast
Providing Associated Press text, audio, video, graphics, and software for radio, television and the web.
AP Digital - a division of The Associated Press
A division of the Associated Press, this team provides Web-ready breaking news in real time from 240 AP bureaus, including photos, graphics, audio, video and text in XML format to new media applications. Services offered to outlets in more than 120 countries in English, Spanish, French, Dutch, German and Portuguese.
Associated Press Graphics Bank
Supplying photos, partial and finished graphics for TV news broadcasters and the web.
Astronomy and space news syndication service that allows free use of its headlines on other web sites.
AVA-Dateline Productions
Provides advise and training in publicity, documentary film production, journalism, preparation, and research.
Barometer Surveys
PricewaterhouseCoopers' provides data quarterly on a series of economic and business trends in America. These surveys have garnered significant press coverage as potential guideposts for assessing the economy's well-being. Web site provides present and historical findings, trends and opinions.
Bilge Uplink Services
Production broadcast company and an international SNG uplink provider based in Istanbul, Turkey.
Brian Bollen Home Page
Provider of writing, editorial and media consultancy services to newspapers, magazines, banks, financial institutions and corporates.
Virtual PR agency for corporate news distribution in south Asia. Agency also daily monitors and reports on more than 350 newspapers, magazines and websites.
Capitol News Service
A television news service based in Tallahassee providing daily on state-wide news for NBC stations across the state of Florida.
City News Service
Regional wire service providing around-the-clock coverage of news in US counties of Los Angeles, Orange and San Diego.
City News USA WebWire
Illinois news stories and audio (MP3 format) providing radio and television broadcasters with breaking news throughout the day.
ClariNet provides real-time newsfeeds, as full text and photos, for web sites and internal corporate use. See product demonstrations and subscribe online.
Classified Consulting
Offers weekly newspapers information about professional services that aim to improve classified revenue through rate re-structuring, sales training, and analysis of classification content.
Contacto News Service
Syndicates news features and images to newspapers, magazines and online publications. Based at Burbank, California.
CPSG Software
Offers newspaper companies online solutions for classifieds and display advertising publishing, remote advertising and editorial content management, and legacy systems integration.
Creative Circle Media Consulting
View samples of redesigned newspapers. Read about services that span pre-press quality control, solutions in outsourcing and convergence, and training for editorial, classified and advertising staff.
Cyber Weekly Consulting
Consulting services for online publishing strategies for weekly newspapers. Reviews of weekly newspaper web sites by online publishing consultant to weekly newspapers.
Cyberium Media Consultancy
Provides integrated print, multimedia, Internet, video, writing, photography, illustration and animation services. The goals of accessibility and interactivity underscore all work.
Cyberwalker Media Syndicate
Content provider for newspapers, magazines, and web sites focusing exclusively on technological issues. Provides a company biography and background about its founder.
Dan Cooper Media Strategies
Consulting services to broadcast journalism organizations. Offers personal coaching, and guidance for anchor teams, with a focus on positioning and differentiation.
Denardo Newspaper Consultants
Mike DeNardo and his associates offer their services offers to improve the efficiency and workflow throughout news, press and distribution departments. View case studies and client list.
Design With Reason
Personal site of Ron Reason, Chicago-based newspaper designer, educator, and consultant in newspaper design. Site provides case studies in redesign, workshop topics, tips, articles, and resources.
Develin Design Group
Set designers for television broadcasters since 1989. Specializing in news studio construction - both virtual and actual.
DIPAG - Digital Photo Agency
Supplying news and sports pictures of high quality in real time, this is a photo agency based in South Tyrol which specialized in the distribution of pictures over internet.
dpa: The German Press Agency
An independent news agency offering international coverage of current affairs ranging from politics to economic, scientific, and cultural events to general news and sports.
Gateway to the world of the Dutch financial press,to set up or improve press relations and newspaper coverage in The Netherlands.
Custom content generator and portal for the buying and selling of freelance articles. Editforce is a network of writers, editors, proofreaders and industry specialists providing customised corporate communications solutions to firms across Australia and Asia Pacific.
eDocuments Live
Content management and revenue generation web application for community newspapers, associations and radio stations. Offers case studies, demo, and product feature list.
Comprehensive web based media cost computation and planning tool with online media planning, costing and scheduling; comprehensive searches and detailed ad rates; and reports; for publications in India, the UK, and the Middle East.
Empire News Exchange
ENE offers a daybook for NYS on a subscription basis to media and non-media. ENE also covers the Capital Region of NYS on behalf of The Times Union, The Record and other area media organizations.
European Pressphoto Agency
Supplying photos for competitive worldwide coverage to the European media.
Europepress.com - World of Photography and Journal
Community of media professionals showcasing their works in photography and journalism. Build a portfolio, recruit a freelancer, find media jobs, or browse stock images.
Fashion Syndicate Press
Provides photos to the press from current shows on the international runways.
Feature Link - Newspaper Society
Service provided by the Newspaper Society for clients to obtain national coverage across the regional press through branded advertising features.
Flying Lion Productions
Provides broadcast quality motion video and still image photography of breaking news events in Los Angeles County
Future Events News Service
Experienced researcher team providing a daily updated diary of thousands of forthcoming news events at international, national and local level. Suitable for the media, governments, banks, and public relation agencies.
Geodesic Solutions
Lists company's auction and classified advertising software. Access a forum, manuals, and database of information for product users.
Go Travel News
Press releases about travel are posted on this website and travel editorial specialists around the world are notified by e-mail.
GPA: Geographic Press Agency
A photo-bank resource and a group of photojournalists whose work deals primarily with themes of nature and wildlife.
Grafix USA
Manufacturer of custom designed microphone flags. Specializing in short run quantities with fast turnaround.
Graphic News
Information graphics available by subscription for newspapers and magazines. Access thousands of images and a daily graphics advisory. Subscription includes license to reproduce or alter images.
Hayters Sports Agency
UK media suppliers of syndicated sports copy, features, results, statistics and quizzes since 1955.
Highlight Films
TV production company specialising in documentaries, TV programs and commercials for home and international markets.
Home Planning News
Provides information to journalists and general media on home planning and home improvement topics such as electrical, wiring, roofing, window coverings, home safety, apprenticeship and energy conservation.
Hugo E. Martin
A strategic consulting company for print and online media serving Europe and Asia. Repositions publishing ventures, develops magazines, and assists in marketing,
Human Development TV Agency
Offers magazine format broadcast footage and scripts that reports about places where hardship is the norm and where economic crisis is a daily reality.
Matching buyers and sellers of mobile uplinks, excess capacity, production facilities, and other broadcasting services.
In A Tick Press Release Distribution
Press release distribution service with print quality high resolution images for immediate download.
International Press Service
News and views on international affairs, breaking news and important world events. Particularly news from Asia Middle East and South East Asia.
Provides support to media hosts in securing creditable and''air-friendly'' guests. Services include guest listings, guest bookings, and show-prep.
Providing software for Internet pressroom management. Enables corporate and agency customers to distribute news and information via RSS and the web. Read product information and user blog.
Provides media production offices with computer rentals, network installation, database design, internet connectivity and email configuration.
Joint Communications Corporation
Details about media strategists John Parikhal and Chris Kennedy who assist radio and magazine companies in identifying, capturing and keeping audiences.
Journalists @ Your Service
A meeting point and information hub for working journalists and media professionals based in Brussels and Belgium. International Press Centre is a multi-lingual site.
Karen Gleason & Associates Inc.
A publishers rep firm engaged in the sale of print and electronic advertising for the financial and technology audiences.
Klipjoint Archive and Clippings Service
Clipping and photography archives covering music, fashion, cinema, arts, and news.
KnowledgeLabs News Center
Based in Singapore and offering a range of items covering audio and video news, voice-overs, media analyses, keynote address, and custom research.
Landwriter: content for agriculture and rural indu
Based in East Sussex, this small team of journalists provides web-ready news about rural based industries.
Link Productions
Find a staff of technicians for television and film production. Offering includes directors, producers, snf cameramen. Crew includes experts in satellite transmissions.
Web-based trading platform for videonews allowing independent reporter to publish footage and distribute it in broadcast format to televisions.
Lyon Enterprises
Premiums, promotions, and circulation supplies for the newspaper industry.
Masterman Media
Assists with TV and film production, research, script writing and editing with offices in Austria, Germany, United Kingdom and Cyprus.
Media Affair
Small business based in Australia providing advice in journalism, media training and public relations. View profile of the firm and samples of work.
Media Alliance
Broadcast television talent agency, serving anchors and reporters, working in news, sports, and weather.
Media Arc
Broadcast professionals offering radio, TV and streaming media solutions from India. Services ranging from production/news gathering for radio and tv, to setting up community radio and Internet radio.
Media Mind-Consultants
Niche financial consultant geared for the media industry. Print, television, radio, and internet.
Media Trails
Content creation, film making, and Internet solutions are the focus to this business in India.
Media Training - Media Speak
Communications consultancy offering training to enable senior business leaders to speak to the media with confidence, and public relation skills.
Media Venture Partners
Provides investment banking services to media and emerging telecommunications companies. Offers help in media brokerage, capital raising, and mergers.
Provides professional solutions for media training and media handling problems.
Company delivering "on-site" training for television photographers and editors.
Contact directory for advertising professionals in TV, cable, radio, print, interactive media, agencies, and buyers. Membership required. Site also offers list of media associations and a searchable index of industry news.
MIJO Corporation
A network of specialist services in production, duplication, distribution, and storage of video, audio and print media.
MMI Media Management Inc
Design and production firm specializing in editorial production outsourcing, publications and newspaper design.
News and Features
Supplying material for newspapers, magazines and journals. Media management advising and consulting with companies wishing to improve or expand their media presence.
News Power iPress Service
Distribution of press releases, newsletters and financial reports to journalists all over the world.
News Team International
UK media company providing writing, reporting, photography, and syndication services for media, corporate, and other clients.
A source for free multimedia news from North America, UK and Europe compiled for journalists, producers and editors. Staffed by on-line news veterans, it provides video, audio, photos, graphics and text from news-makers in the many varied fields.
NewTech Reporters
A New York-based team reporting about Nasdaq, Silicon Alley and the US market. Caters for German media outlets.
NFM Communications
Creates and supplies customer-specific content for the motorsports industry.
Nippon News
Based in Japan, this press agency supplies high quality features and photographs to media professionals.
October Rooms - News and Information Graphics
Samples of one designer's work in supplying news graphics, charts, and illustrations for newspapers, magazines and web media.
Our Hometown
Turnkey web publishing solution leverages editorial and advertising content.
PeTv: coaching and development
Coaching for journalists with emphasis but not limited to Spanish language broadcasters.
Photomundo International
Featuring the work of Clinton H. Wallace, a press photographer based in Beverly Hills California. As news photo agency, Photomundo offers an extensive collection of in depth news coverage and high profile celebrity event photography.
Pictures from Japan
Agency MH offers stock images for commercial using. Also provides feature stories ready for magazine publication. Covers Japanese costumes, traditional festivals, Fuji, Japanese Alps, homeless and economic depression.
PR Media Consultants - Paul Richards
Offers training and consultancy for public-interest groups on how the media really work and how to maximise exposure in the media.
A press photo agency, selling photos and text features as a resource for online and print magazine publishers. Site includes resume, fees, and samples. Bilingual French and English site.
Pressflex Magazine Services
Consultant assisting magazines in drawing traffic to web sites.
Searchable no cost index of freelance journalists, their articles, and a wide range of international publishers.
Parent company of the PR Press Network offering services, job board, discussion forum, and tools for public relation and media professionals.
Prime Time Productions
Caters for all facets of television from film crews, camera rental, and editing to post-production. Read how this business assists in planning and executing news coverage activities in the Middle East.
Promedia of Ohio
Creators of broadcast and training videos. Lists services that also cover multimedia production, web design, and the duplication of cd and video.
Publicitas Promotion Network
Promotes newspapers and magazines internationally using marketing, press advertising sales and offers combined with the Internet.
Publishing Business Systems
Develops software for newspapers, magazines and other types of publications.
Puzzle Craft
Find contact information and catalogue for this family concern which is a leading supplier of crossword puzzles and word games to the UK press.
Demonstration and license details for a ready to run Internet classifieds software for newspaper, radio and television web sites. Comes with secure credit card processing gateway linking utility.
Rebus - film production
Reportage and freelance coverage from journalists in difficult-to-access regions. Based in Beirut, Lebanon, with an international network of journalists and film makers qualified to provide documentary and cinema film. production.
Remote Facilities
Supplying the news, sports, events and entertainment industries with equipment and personnel for remote broadcasts.
Media investment management company focusing on Romanian ethnic media in the United States. Seeking to consolidate the media planning, implementation and research of a fragmented ethnic media landscape.
Satellite News Gathering
Read about this Northern Australia firm that allows can deploy world-wide, and at short notice, its satellite uplink technology. Packaged in flyaway cases that can be carried as excess baggage on commercial airline flights.
Scofield Editorial
Video production company based at Indianapolis, Indiana, and offering video production, duplication, post production services with AVID and Discreet Logic systems.
Script Typing Service
A confidential typing service for production companies.
South West News Service
This independent press agency supplies news, features and pictures to regional, national and international media.
Space Media Inc.
Provider of space-related media materials. Offers exclusive and non-exclusive access to media content including NASA photos, videos, audio loops, Russian archived items and other historical memorabilia.
Classified system, ad accounting, typesetting and billing system.
Optimized hyphenators and spellcheckers for publishers that sit alongside existing editorial systems. Covers all European languages and a set of Asian languages.
TBN Newspaper Management Benchmarking Studies
The Benchmarking Network has completed newspaper benchmarking studies, available for purchase, on information systems effectiveness and a variety of accounting and finance topics.
Television News Center
Encompassing all facets of TV news from story planning to post-production, this company trains journalists at all levels of experience. Can also assist in hiring personnel, training and consulting.
The Spin Project
Spin provides tools and techniques to help grassroots organization improve and increase their media presence.
Three18, Inc
Boutique technology solutions consulting company delivering support services and software solutions to small and mid-sized companies - especially those in the film, commercial and production spheres. View case studies in outsourcing, network and computer support plans, and submit a resume.
Times Syndication Service
A division of The Times of India Group. Promises to "fulfill content requirements on virtually any topic". Can provide provide text, images and audio-video for use in print or online mediums.
A team from southeastern British Columbia, Canada, providing news reporting for regional, national, and world television networks since 1980.
Details about automation technology that helps newspapers produce on-line editions. Find testimonials, list of titles produced with this product, demo site, and training manuals.
Trendsetter Media
Professional scouts in different areas of life. Trends are dedected, analysed, named and reported through individual newsmail or via fax.
TV News London
Media training by senior print, radio and TV journalists. Also offers corporate video production.
TVA Productions
Service list and case studies for this media production and news placement syndicate in North America offering guaranteed distribution and tracking resources for TV, radio, print media outlets.
TVmaps: digital maps for the media
Cartographic support for newspapers, web services, and TV stations.
United News & Media, p.l.c.
Provides market research services through NOP, SMC MRI and others, news distribution through PR Newswire, and professional media and events including CMP and United Advertising Publications. (Nasdaq: UNEWY)
Virtual Set Works
Download a library of virtual sets and backgrounds for television and film use in chroma keying and greenscreen. Accommodates multiple angles for different camera views.
Specializing in virtual set design, library licensing, and complete systems installation and integration. Portfolio shows samples involving an international list of clients spanning news broadcasting to corporate video.
We Interrupt This Message
A non-profit media training center for grassroots and public interest organizations. Assisting these groups to reframe public debate and interrupt media stereotypes.
World News Feeds: content provider
Syndicated news stories and articles. A global network of writers and journalists provide brand-free content for Web site owners and other digital media. Service can also be tailored to a specific client.