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City of London Phonograph and Gramophone Society, Michigan Antique Phonograph Society, Phonograph Society of South Australia
Bill Meyer's Antique Phonographs, Edison Phonograph Repairs and Restorations, John Lewis Antique Phonograph Repair and Restorati, Phonograph Repair Center, Victrola Repair Service
Chis Hamilton's
Collector of old gramophones, phonographs, cylinders, 78rpm records, 45rpm records and LPs. Site includes an article written by this collector on the Hines Gramophone.
Dan's Antique Phonographs
Technical information for collectors of acoustic era phonographs. Detailed information about rebuilding Edison Diamond Disc Reproducers, Exponential Horns and the Maxfield-Harrison Electro-mechanical Theory (Orthophonic).
Edison Phonology
A website dedicated to educating the public about Edison cylinder phonographs and records.
Igbie's Antique Phonographs
An online source of information on antique crank phonographs.
Mr. Victor Phonograph Site
A virtual museum with nearly 200 photographs of a wide variety of early phonographs.
Nipperhead Antique Phonograph Site
Sites offers information pertaining to antique phonographs, gramophones, records, Victor, Edison, Columbia, and of course, Nipper. Contains cylinder and disc sound recordings, a Phonograph Gallery, repair instructions, and resource listings.
Online Phonograph Gallery
Take a look at, and listen to the machines that began the revolution of sound.
Phonograph Collection
Edison and Victrola machines from the early 1900's. Includes sound clips from early recordings.
Message boards with various categories, including antique gramophones and phonographs, old radios, and 78rpm records.
Rexonola Talking Machine Site
An internet site devoted to the noble Australian Rexonola brand of gramophones.
Tim Gracyk's
A great source of information and articles about phonographs for collectors.
Explore early sound recording methods including two-minute wax cylinder records and old phonographs.
Triman's Collection
Collection of Phonographs and Gramophones.
Victor Victrola Page
History of the Victrola Phonograph, production volumes and rarity. Restoration tips and value. Types of wood finish, information on phonograph acoustics.