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Antique Recording Technologies
19th Century Music restored with lasers, Classic Tape Recorders, Digital Needle - A Virtual Gramophone, History of Recorded Sound (Antique Phonograph Book, Phase Linear Reference Site, Recording Consoles of the 20th Century, Restoration of the Leak Stereo 20 Valve Amplifier, The Phonograph WebRing, World of Gramophones, Yahoo! Groups: AnalogueSynthesisers
Loudspeakers, AudioClub, Boozhound Laboratories, Chris VenHaus Homepage, CoolTune Audio Projects, Decibel Dungeon, DIY Hifi, Audio and ELectronics, diyAudio.com, Elliott Sound Products - The Audio Pages, Gary's Vacuum Tube Page, Guitar Electronics Projects
Communities, Personal Pages, Publications, Audio Nirvana, Audiophile 2000, Audiotools.com, BlueFi, HighFidelity.tk, Kenwood L-07D Direct Drive Turntable, Naks.com, Roger Russell and McIntosh, Scruff & Audio Research, The Analog Dept.
Home Recording
Reference, Access Recording Studios UK, Andrew Simpson MA, Recording Engineer, Arizona CD-mastering, Audio Recording Center, Bownie.com - Guide to Recording, Charles Dye.com, Computer Based Home Recording for Musicians, David Mellor's Musical Keyboard Guide, Drum Tracks by Jim McCarty, Freelance Studio
Always Jukin', Big - JUKEBOX - Guide, Danish Jukebox Archives, First Class Amusement, Jukebox Titlestrip, Jukeman's Jukebox Manuals, The Jukebox Index, Yesterday's Jukes
MiniDisc Community Page, MiniDisc Switzerland, MiniDisc T-Station, MiniDisc Zone, The, MiniDisc: Logical Successor To The Cassette Tape, Mironics Minidisc Suite, Petition Online: Sony Net MD Software Petition, Reactive Sounds, The MiniDisc Appreciation Page, Viruz MD-Page
Promotes the use of surround sound and multi-channel audio systems. Sites includes information on how to listen to and record for 5.1 surround sound, articles of Dolby Digital, DTS and using AC-3 on CD-R discs.
A privately owned picture and electronic music studio. A composition workshop for contemporary music.
Audio Ideas Guide
Hi-fi and Home Theater e-zines. Reviews, news, articles, tweaks, and other audiophile resources.
Audio Review
Offers consumer-generated product reviews, ratings, prices for brands and models.
Audioed Resources Site
Offers educational resources for the International sound recording community.
Focused to stereo high-fidelity, including tube audio, home theater, and especially vintage 1970s gear, even vintage TV receivers. Site offers discussion forums, help, and general information for the audio enthusiast.
Audio resource for manufacturers, forums, magazines and journals.
Audio industry, news, reviews, ratings, references, company directory, and cross reference.
Offers reviews and evaluations of headphone equipment. Includes a buyers guide.
High End Audio
Discussion forum on audio, amplifiers and home theater.
Home Theater Discussion Forum
Database of home theater information, set-up hints and buyers guides.
Los Angeles Audio File
Home theater and audio community with product reviews.
NASG naim audio
Short guide to naim audio including overview, history and gallery.
Pancake Audio
Discussion forums for hi-fi and DIY audio equipment, tips and tweaks, and classifieds.
Remote Central
Information on mid- to high-end universal remote controls: product reviews; message forums.
Retro hi-fi
A vintage high-fidelity portal for discussing and displaying classic and vintage amplifiers, tuners, turntables such as Thorens, Quad, and pick-up arms. Also, provides a classified listings.
Road Trip to Ken Kantor's New Company
Photo album and text of a visit to Intelligent Audio Systems, a start-up audio company founded by industry veteran Ken Kantor.
Sonic State
The music and pro-audio theme park. Features classifieds, synth site, directory, and chat.
The Audioholics
Includes information, reviews and technical guides for equipment and accessories.
Tuner Information Center
Focused on vintage stereo tuners. Site includes reviews of many different tuners, provides explanations of how tuners work, explains about tube tuners, and notes alleged fraudulent online auctions.
Useful Audio Potpourri, A
Focuses on indoor FM antenna design and a Hafler circuit for surround sound. Also, includes a directory of related links.
Wired 4 Music
Resource of information on Super Audio CD, DVD-A, DSD, Surround. Practical tips on hi-res recording and 5.1 surround.