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Personal Pages
411 on 420, Anton's Pot Pictures, Beer, Bongs, and Babes, Bigsmoke, BizOne, Blowroom, Bud Buzz, Cannabis, Cannabis USA, Captain Marijuana's House of Hemp
Online magazine regarding marijuana and hemp related information.
Ask Dr Hemp
Answers user submitted marijuana related questions from people all over the world. Includes archives.
How to roll a blunt, rate pictures of blunts, weed dictionary, message boards, gear, and a game.
Bud Life
Online magazine with a variety of stories, pictures, music, growing tips, and merchandise.
Features illustrated instructions for rolling a joint in many different styles.
Cannabis Belgie
Belgium portal containing links to forums, legal information, growing information, and newgroups.
Cannabis Canada
Includes events, medical marijuana information, growing information, stories, photos, and information about the Marijuana Party of Canada.
Cannabis Connoisseur
Includes discussion forum, articles, opinions, movies reviews, art, and downloads for desktop images and software.
Cannabis Genetics Index
A database of cannabis genetics with photographs for learning about the various marijuana strains.
Cannabis Health
Health related issues relating to cannabis use.
Cannabis Library
Cannabis related downloadable books.
Cannabis News
News about marijuana and drug policy. Fully searchable and updated daily.
Features cannabis FAQs, message boards, live chat, pictures, e-zine, news, and links.
Cannabis: demon weed or nectar of the gods? Classic cannabis and hemp art and commentary from the likes of Anslinger.
Canadian trends, education, information, and resources connected to cannabis.
Links related to cannabis, separated by type.
Cannabistour Amsterdam
Visit a smartshop, cannabisgarden and coffeeshop with a professional guide.
Centre for Drug Research, University of Amsterdam
Dutch academic department conducting international socio-scientific research about drug use, drug policy, and drug distribution.
Includes photo galleries, message forums, merchandise, and links.
Electric Emperor
Information about marijuana and drug laws.
Erowid Cannabis Vault
Information including research, legislation, media coverage, bibliography and lots of links.
Extreme Smotpoking
Contains pictures, humor, articles, and a dictionary.
Information resource for Jamaican and ganja culture. Includes forums.
Discussion group and community covering legalization, growing, organic highs and other topics.
A Dutch guide to hemp and smart-related sites, international hemp-rings and search engines.
High Times
Information about marijuana and psychedelic drugs including cannabis photos, cannabis cultivation techniques, drug testing information, psychedelic art, and articles from the magazine.
Hit Da Bong 4:20
How to roll a joint or a blunt, build a bong, or make a homemade pipe. Includes growing information, recipes, and photos.
How to Make a Bong
Instructions on making a bong using only a drinking bottle, plastic straws, and tape.
International Cannabinoid Research Society
The purposes of the ICRS are to: foster research, hold scientific meetings, present and discuss research developments in the field and serve as a resource of reliable information concerning cannabis and the cannabinoids.
Jamaican Green
Lots of great pictures and information.
Joint Rollin' Made Easy
A step by step guide with photos for rolling a joint or a skiff.
Contains a directory, discussion forum, web ring, and urine testing petition.
Online magazine devoted to drug use, both medical and recreational, in the United Kingdom and abroad and music.
Luke's Cannabis and Tobacco Health Compariso
Comparing the relative medicinal and health effects of these drugs.
Marijuana Art by Jean Hanamoto
Computer enhanced photographs of one of California's only legal marijuana gardens.
Marijuana Talk
Discussion group and bulletin board covering growing, substance abuse and other topics.
Marijuana World.Com
Comprehensive marijuana links and information.
Marijuana: Good or Bad?
Find information on the medical, industrial, and recreation uses for marijuana.
Marijuana News from the viewpoint of Richard Cowan.
NL Weed
Includes myths, fact, history, growing information, a list of shops, plus effects, a forum, and chat.
Cultivation how-to articles, pictures, forums, and a FAQ on marijuana growing. Also includes information on legalization and cannabis culture.
Oz Budz
Includes links to information about industrial hemp and medicinal hemp, plus humor, recipes, clip-art, and games. Also sells t-shirts, bookmarks, and greeting cards.
Oz Stoners
Australian discussion forum site includes news, growing tips, and photos.
A site where drugs can be discussed in a open manner without offending anyone
Pot Humor
Pictures, cartoons, and animations plus games, sounds, downloads, links, and interactive content.
Pot Pix
Photos of marijuana plants, buds, and other related pictures.
Pot Smokers Net
Photos and links.
Cannabis culture and the latest news in the marijuana movement.
About the plant and the coffeeshops of The Netherlands. Also information about cultivation and history.
Sheseeds Marijuana Message Board
International discussion forum includes links and photos.
Resource which includes information, chat, campaigns, and streaming video.
Information about the drug, particularly aimed at UK users.
Smokers Guide to Amsterdam
Pictures and reports. Tips on how to use all the legal soft drugs in Amsterdam. A guide to coffee shops, smokers hotels and what to see and do in Amsterdam.
Speef Narkle
Archive of stoner shorts, video clips, pictures, writing, and accessories to any psychedelic experience.
Stoner Head Lounge
Pictures, links, chat, and downloadable games.
A place on the net to unite marijuana users around the world in order to end the prohibition of cannabis.
Team 420
Includes MP3s, videos, downloads, photos, Amstermdam travel tips, how to roll a joint, and smoking safety tips.
THC Knowledge Archive
Includes recipes, photo gallery, rolling guide, message forum, and links.
THC Ministry Amsterdam
Based on ancient wisdom, modern science, and the belief in the enlightening and healing properties of cannabis.
The Chronicle
Cannabis e-zine; includes articles, news, reviews, pictures, and chat.
The Flow Magazine
Includes growers guide and resources, directory of links, bookshop, medical marijuana research information and patient resources, and legal and activist links. Also sells drug testing and detox products.
The Kind
List of links to marijuana-related Websites.
The Pot Spot
Jokes, photo galleries, surveys and information, including a FAQ and Bob Marley lyrics and information.
The Uses of Marijuana
Contains user contributed personal accounts and an invitation to contribute.
Discussion board, including photographs.
Offers world drug news, searchable directory, message boards, postcards, topsites and free email.
Ultimate Weed Site
Includes marijuana facts and information plus downloads, pictures and videos.
Information database for marijuana-related issues. Includes pros/cons, cannabis varieties, recreational tips, and forums for reader contributions and suggestions.
Forums, cultivation guide, and photo gallery.
Includes a guide to marijuana information and sites, also free email accounts and discussion forums.