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A Brief History of Peyote
The divine cactus in historical context.
Council on Spiritual Practices - Entheogens
The purpose of the Entheogen Project is to systematically gather knowledge about the immediate and long-term effects of entheogen use. Includes essays and an annotated list of topical books.
Entheogen Dot
Online community, and an information resource with a focus on shamanic plants.
Features information on the history and chemistry of this plant, and links to related sites. Also offers for sale peyote cacti.
Provides information on the cultivation, preperation and use of entheogenic, hallucinogenic and psychoactive plants.
The Mad Hatter
Guide to entheogen use; includes essays and information on drug laws and suppliers.
Center of studies for ayahuasca, the sacred brew of Amazonian shamans. Includes information about the center, and their seminars and presenters. Located in Brazil.